Evoking Duke Sallos and developing a relationship with him

I’ve been doing the 6 month Wealth Magick workings with Damon Brand, and Zanna Blaise’s Angels of Love with my housemate (and best friend) - I’ll call her N - and we thought we’d try to contact Duke Sallos.

She was initially a bit scared, and unsure about the evocation process and I said she could contact him through Theta Healing and she wondered what if it isn’t him, however when she did make a command to contact him, she went ‘Ohhh’ as in this is the real deal, as she felt his presence.

She asked about a guy at her gym she has had a crush on for a couple of years, and Duke Sallos said he isn’t the one for her. And that he was insecure (which is what I’ve told her from her reports about him). She recently met another guy, and Duke Sallos said he was too scattered for her to be with.

Duke Sallos then told her he would be with her, till she found the right partner for her.

He said he would direct her to places to go to meet this partner.

I made a command to commune with Duke Sallos, and really liked his energy when I felt his presence. A wise, old soul with a gentle, reassuring presence.

I asked about not feeling as attractive as I used to (an insecurity that’s cropped up once I’ve hit my 40’s) and he said (quite wisely) that I will be attractive to the person I truly want to be with (and vice versa). And this was a very helpful reframe for me, as I wanted to be attractive to as many people as possible, and he indicated that maybe I only needed to feel attractive, of be found attractive, by one I most need to feel attractive to.

He said he would direct me to women in my vicinity who would be the right partners for me to have a loving relationship with.

Since then, I’ve seen a couple of women who I might not have otherwise been attracted to, but was really taken in by their personalities.

N wondered if the person Duke Sallos points us to might not be a soulmate, and Duke Sallos said everyone you meet is a soulmate, and once you meet them and have a relationship with them, you also create new past and future lives together, because everything is created in the everlasting now. And this was a new insight for me.

I’ve been feeling much more attractive, and the old insecurity about my looks has disappeared since.

Similary with my buddy, N, she had some insecurities about her body and I’ve been encouraging her to wear skimpier clothing and I bought her a pair of short shorts from a sale, and she felt she couldnt wear them. I asked her to wear them, and showed her a photo of her and she realised the had a warped image in her head of her body (bulimic history).

She spoke to Duke Sallos, and he encouraged her to wear skimpy clothing, the skimpier the better, she said.

We went shopping today, and she brought a little black dress she wouldnt have otherwise bought, thanks to Duke Sallos. I said he’s created a monster!

She was wearing a sports bra that shes never worn out, and she was noticing how people were looking at her. And the security guy told me my girlfriend is sooo beautiful with that listful look on his face, and asked me where she was from.

She’s also realising that she’s been attracted to older and younger guys, but not guys in her age range, and she felt Duke Sallos was pointing her towards more appropriate partners.

He said as regards her gym crush, she might just really want to be friends with benefits with him, and would end things with him, and instead to be patient and wait for the right partner.

N is already drop dead gorgeous and has a great voluptous body, but oversensitive about certain parts and within a couple of days of speaking to Duke Sallos her insecurities about her body have dissapeared (I had to take pics of her with her new outfits to (fairly easily) convince and reassure her).

I feel much more attractive within a couple of days. I also had some insecurities about a tiny paunch I was carrying and I asked Duke Sallos how I get rid of it, and he said I’ll get rid of it when I’m comfortable with it.

And that true attractiveness, does not come from changing my body, dressing well, but feeling attractive enough as I am - paunch, unshaven or not, as the self confident personality shines through. And to learn to present the calm, confident, assured part of my personality.

I have however been much more fastidous with my personal care and dressing since speaking to Duke Sallos.

I asked him about my addiction to sugary processed foods, in a fatuous manner and he said I was making light of a relatively serious converation. He didnt appear angry, or upset, but I got the message.

Duke Sallos also pointed out, that N and I both were getting too stressed about finding a partner, and that we were looking to go out, get social and play the numbers game and hope something stuck and he said, slow down, I will show you where to go, and you only have to find one person. Which was gentle and wise and reassuring.

I asked him what he wanted, and he said ‘hahaha, whiskey would do just fine’ and N said she heard his laughter too! I asked if he wanted single malt, japanese, american bourbon or english whiskey and he said he wanted a bourbon and the words Gentleman Jack came to me, and N heard ‘a dark whiskey’ and thought of Jack Daniels. I’ve ordered some Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniels as an offering to him.

We had good communication with the Theta Healing command for communication with Duke Sallos, however I’m looking to do the third working to full evocation from Gordon Winterfield’s book.

So in summary, N and I both feel much more attractive and secure in ourselves and our bodies since a couple of days ago, we are opening up to partners we might not otherwise have opened up to. And just slowing down, pulling back on any stress over finding a partner, and looking for Duke Sallos’ guidance on where to go, or who to speak to in a calm, confident, and normal, assured manner.