Evoking Belial and Baal Hadad

I am wanting to begin working on evoking Belial and Baal Hadad in hopes of hoping they will ascent to being my Guardian Demon. If they say no, fine, maybe they can introduce me to someone who woulf fit better. but I really feel an internal PULL and Desire to have them as “Part of my Lodge”; as I am working on setting up an APRMM Lodge here, I am hoping ‘help from the other side’ can be gained. This will not all all be the juseo Christian bug splat pandered around on tv, but have beautiful Egyptian rituals. And hopefully from some of the rituals in the lodge I can see who would do well in another project I want to build.
I will call it The FOLD Fellowship of Luciferian Development.
But being able to have these wonderful beings in my life would be so comforting.