Evoking anime characters under intoxication

Is it safe to evoke while under the intoxication of alcohol?

im confused as to whether or not youre asking alcohol is unsafe pr evoking anime characters is unsafe

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Haha sorry I meant, alcohol while evoking.

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ohh. well personally i wouldnt because i just rather be taken seriously if you get where im going or rather have them pissed at me later on for it

I understand what you mean but a spirit that I was asking advice from told me that I would have to refreshe their memory everytime I evoke them unless it was just my imagination. I’ve already caught this perticular spirit to fib from time to time though.

that doesnt sound right imo… perhaps you misheard?

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who was it you contacted if i may ask

If you mean the spirit that I was asking advice from? It’s a wondering spirit that just stuck with me.

oh. interesting

I’m not being mean here, but haven’t you sopent months on and off this forum, trying to get rid of, subdue, or otherwise deal with a spirit that attached itself to you because you did an evocation while drunk?

I would say in your case, once bitten, twice shy, and … I’ll leave that one there rather than granny-nag you to death! :stuck_out_tongue: