Evoking Angels Help Please

So I am very new to evoking as well as spell working but I really want to jump in and get to practicing. I wanted to start with evoking more benevolent spirits for healing. I understand The Archangel Raphael is the way to go so I was wondering if anyone can break down the steps to go about for the ritual. Information like things to do, things to avoid and how to get the results as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated. If I’m going about this the wrong way and I should be attempting different spellworking a push in that direction would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance

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Get a hold of Evoking Eternity by E.A.
Until the Mastering Omnipotence Course comes out its the best resource available.
I don’t think is really possible to easily break down the whole process of performing successful evocation into a forum post whilst still doing the topic justice.
The BALG e-book lays out a simplified method pretty well too although personally I find it a little bit lacking compared to what is offered in evoking eternity

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[quote=“Soundwave, post:2, topic:893”]Get a hold of Evoking Eternity by E.A.
Until the Mastering Omnipotence Course comes out its the best resource available.
I don’t think is really possible to easily break down the whole process of performing successful evocation into a forum post whilst still doing the topic justice.
The BALG e-book lays out a simplified method pretty well too although personally I find it a little bit lacking compared to what is offered in evoking eternity[/quote]

I have the BALG ebook and read it through a few times I just felt like you did with the evoking piece like there wasnt enough meat around the topic to feel confident in performing the evocation. I will definitely look into getting a copy of Evoking Eternity but would you suggest staying away from performing the basic evocation listed in the BALG book in the meantime? And with that as a basic formula is there anything you might add to the ritual that might help?

You could use the set up from the BALG ebook as a base and then add some more complex elements. The enochian calls are widely available as is the goetia. I don’t often work with angelic types but I often read people saying that praying to the target angel for several days prior to the evocation is also effective.
There isn’t really a wrong way to go about performing evocation, if you sat in with any of us performing a ritual I would be extremely surprised if beyond the basic structure, which is detailed in the ebook, any of the rituals were the same. Different banishings (or none at all), different empowerment, different use of ritual tools and so on.
The most important thing is to just perform the ritual as if it was successful regardless of how much or little feed back you get during.

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Thanks I appreciate the help. I just wanted to sure i got it right and your advice def gives me confidence that its more about intention and just working through it that’s important. I plan on doing the evocation this weekend so will let you know how it goes.

There’s also this:

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Also, my newbie thread, which will answer a lot of questions you may have:



Thanks for the video. I watched it a few times when he first posted it on youtube. Definitely a lot of good information there.

LOL heroin. Yeah not sure adding such a strong narcotic would be conducive to the type of work I am looking to do. All joking aside and this might be a dumb question but wouldnt it also be offensive to certain spirits to be under the influence of something as strong as heroin?

No heroin is a commonly used ritual enhancer for black magicians

To compliment necromaster’s sentiments with heroin, there really is a sweet spot within the span of the narcotics effects that would render the magical possibilities either useful or useless. It is also dose dependent and largely dependent on the ‘will’ of the participant to be able to push through some of the less desirable side effects.

It can aid right away in meditation providing you don’t go ‘on the nod’, which renders any useful meditative or magical effects obsolete. Generally, a couple of hours into the effects where the peak has been reached and the body settles into the tranquil effects of the drug is the best time to perform energy work or magic of any sort and your ability to visualize/ feel can be greatly enhanced in this manner.

In my experience, the occasional experiment can be useful but if one becomes reliant or addicted then a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual degeneration occurs which will hinder rather than help your development.

Opium is far more superior as an aid(in my opinion) in that your functionality won’t be as affected but you still retain the ability to drop into trance fairly quickly and is not so strong that you have to wait for the peak to be over before any work can be done, but again, it’s dose dependent and there is the body load effect with opium that can make you physically tired and heavy, but the third eye is still fairly readily accessible. Besides opium won’t fuck your life up as quickly or as easily as heroin will.

Wow thanks for all the great information on how it can be a useful ritual enhancer. So the question still remains… Would it only be wise to use this when summoning energies to the neutral and darker sides or would you use it with Angels as well? I’m just curious so as not to offend the spirit being summoned.

Also opium sounds like the better way to go but I gotta say while things like heroin or other narcotics are fairly accessible that is not. At least where I live.

It shouldn’t matter who you evoke be it angel, demon or planetary spirit. The intent is the important part along with the attitude you conduct yourself with during the summoning.

The opiate aids are really just helping you get into the useful state for communing with them, nothing more. With that being said it’s always wise to see how these drugs affect you before trying something like evocation on them. Give meditation a try first and see what you’re able to do.

Opium can be harder to get unfortunately but there are ways around it. Bulk poppy seeds or poppy pods should be somewhat available as they are a food product and ornamental product respectively. Might be as close as the supermarket to get what you need. If that’s a no-go then hopefully you have some Punjabi Indians in your area that are worth making friends with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also keep in mind that if you get yourself hooked on opiates, you’re going to have to go all the way with your magick - because you’ll probably need an angel or a demon to get you unhooked. So you have to ask yourself if the haste is worth it. If you get halfway competent at evocation and hooked on opiates, but then you give up on evocation - you’re still a junkie at the end of the day.

Only you can make this decision for yourself, but be honest with yourself when you do.

Virdon and RedCircle,

Thank you guys for the info and yeah sounds like its probably a better idea to pass on using the opiates as a shortcut for now and to put more emphasis on the ritual and focusing my intention. Might be something I could use in the future if I get stuck and need a little extra boost to push through.

Have either of you worked with any of the Archangels and if so what was the experience like?

Count Zero, the only intelligences that I have worked with have been angelic, and I would certainly highly recommend this path. While it may not be the most popular on here, it’s the path I’m most interested in at the present time.

That is not to say that there isn’t a ton of fantastic information from EA’s “Evoking Eternity” (as Soundwave specified), whether or not it’s more heavily aligned to a left-handed path-working.

The first spirit that I worked with was indeed the Archangel Raphael. The experience was amazing, full of warmth and a sort of fatherly love to it. He makes his presence known quickly during the conjuration and for me, he had a very ‘touchy-feely’ energy to him. For this reason, it is no surprise that he is an angel of healing and protection.

My advice would be to do research on the Archangels you wish to work with. Figure out their days of ruling, sigils/signatures, ritual candle colors, etc. You could try a handwritten letter to the Archangel, with a list of questions or whatever your desire may be, or just simply focus and redraw the sigil on a piece of paper, thinking about communicating with the intelligence - what does the sigil mean to you, paying attention to the smallest of details in line-weight, etc.

When you get into the actual ritual, it’s okay to vary from a specific written routine and to make the ritual your own. It’s most important to flow with it and listen to your body and mind - be attuned to the subtle vibrations and change of surroundings so that you can be aware of the spirit’s presence. Focus on your third eye visualizations and be open to what you are being shown, along with asking questions directly after a certain visualization.

I’m no expert, but it really is different for everyone, I think. You should just give it try, and have confidence in your abilities. Don’t expect to have a full-blown physical manifestation your first evocation, but certainly pay attention to the sensations and inner-dialogue going on.

Good luck, angelic entities are very rewarding to work with from my experience.

Thank you for the encourgement Avernus. I’m not sure which path I really want to focus on but right now. I am definitely interested in evoking the Archangels and getting whatever help and direction they can provide me with. Any chance youd care to share more about when you evoked Raphael like some of the visions you saw or maybe about one of your other experiences. I love hearing about people being successful with their workings.

Oh I have another question for you or anyone else who has been successful with the Archangels. Have you summoned Metatron? Ive heard that experience is very intense and rewarding.

Thanks again for the encouragement and advice.

Raphael does work

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Raphael is someone who works well, you just need to open his sigil to figure out what you’re dealing with, like most of these angels at least.

Just treat them with respect, and they’ll treat you well.

Be concise in what you ask for, lest you get vague results.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Luxompax thank you for sharing your experiences with Archangel Raphael and thank you for the images of your temple and tools. Very cool stuff. I think youre right about the intention more than following steps for conjurations to the letter. I know some of my early workings had flaws in hindsight such as colors or directions but still seemed to get results. I think all the other stuff is more about getting into the mindset more than it being needed fo the spirit.

Wanna evoke Raphael? He’s a great first Evocation, I think. Cool Angel, very helpful in healing and can teach you a little about magick as well. Though, other angels are better suited to that. Here’s what I would do, since you’re familiar with the Ebook and seminars, I’ll assume you have some basic knowledge.

First commune with Raphael. Everyday for a week call his name, speak to him, listen for his voice. This is called invocation. Find his colors, scent, sigil ect. Take time to decorate for him. Even if it’s just drawing his sigil with sharpie and saying his name.

Next. Gather your implements. Simple items like a Kitchen Knife, wine glass, sea salt, incense burner, charcoal disks, frankincense, red wine, marijuana, xanax. You’ll also need candles. 4 white for angelic powers, one at each cardinal point ESWN. Two of either yellow or indigo for Raphael. (obtaining and setting your implements should be felt as a sacrifice and an offering.) Set up your implements like EA states in the Ebook. I’ve used a TV tray and a black sheet for an alter! The salt is for your circle.

Memorize the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentegram and Hexegram. While this is unnecessary for most ritual, it will aid you greatly as Raphael is called with his brothers in this ritual. Plus it will help you learn to visualize your circle, light, ect. I believe this exercise to be invaluable until a spirit reveals a better one to you.

After everything is set up and ready to go. All of your orations memorized, journal and pen waiting as well. Obtain the proper state of mind. This is the Theta gamma sync. It’s a good idea to smoke a fat bowl and drink a couple glasses of wine by this point. Or substitute bourbon or spiced rum. Leave one glass full to act as your chalice. Drop 1mg of xanax in this glass. At the height of your ritual drink this and stare into the incense smoke! This will make it fucking work, and no Raphael will not be pissed off at you for obtaining this state like this. It’s not fucking heroine and don’t get hooked on the xanax. usually bud and wine work for me, I have full visual manifestations too! Anyway. set up your shit, use the LBRP and LBH. Call Raphael and stare into his sigil. Drink the special wine when you finalize the command to appear. And wait…okay and let me know if this helps you at all.


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