Evoking angelic magick for demonic purpose

I was just thinking, can someone effectively evoke and use angelic magick (like from the circle of solomon) and use it for later or simultaneous demonic purposes? I consider it possible and would probably useful for me in some way.

What Im aiming for is to Evoke and command the sephirothic angels to grant me power and passageway into Invoking and appeasing the qliphothic demons, if you get my jist.

plus- I am of the left hand path, I use the MLO/TOBL’s anti-cosmic satanism as a major influence in what I’m trying to achieve, my goal here isnt to make a pact with angels, its to harness their power for my own will, as E.A describes in his circle of solomon video

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Hello. Gordon Winterfields book 72 Demons of Magick & The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer both cover this. I prefer Winterfields book. Also the book Black Magick Evocation of The Shem Ha Mephoresh covers using the 72 Angels in their Qliphoth form. It is costly though. I bought mine for $315 & that was as cheap as I could find it. Good luck.


Yes you may do that, but I think it might be contradictory at times, don’t know much about what you’re talking about, but I do know certain angels are in opposition to certain demons. I would think you would have to choose the correct ones? I have extreme difficulty with angelic beings, don’t work with them unless I have no choice. Too stand offish for me and hard to invoke. Demons are much easier.