Evoking and recieving during sleep

Due to the enourmous stress in my mife, the only free time I have is between 9pm to 2am. During this time I must study, meditate, stuff. I am wondering it it is not rude toi evoke evoke, then go to bed in order to receive, I am working on a mixture to go to bed on containing Calae Zacatichichi, magic mushrooms, morning glory seeds.
Also wanting to p[aint my pillow cases, in a way to say, “Viel of this realm and dimension be rent, that the sleeping servant may be worked with and ministered upon while his mind is at rest” with sigils and symbols and whatever will help.

For me, my bed is serving more as a temple than any other place. I am celebate and so sex will not be an issue much to my wifes disconsturnation. Oh Well, the freedom and happiness I have is profound. All that shit about mornmons saying 'it is your command from god to make as many babies as ispossible." I made my 5 long ago- have no plans to make more. so that won’t be in the way. as it is, just my daughter and my 5 grandkids and the daughter living away and her 3, lay so much pressure and responsibility on me I barely have 2 brain cells to rub together.
Also wondering about enfusing the pillows and cases wiith oils and herbs which may help create asacred resting place for my head. MJ is getting illegal, can’t wait to do that.

I am really soggy headed right now. I look foreward to your replys

haven’t specifically followed your described method, how ever I have evoked and request that an entity appear in my dreams to teach me. This works really well with “Great Work” style entities to extend your power, I used Martal and can correlate an increase in my skill and power based on those dreams.

I have never considered incensing pillows, sounds like it would be worth doing if you plan on treating your dream space in this way. The power of Dream Space I think is entirely under rated.

I like the idea of painting an astral gateway onto a pilow case, that is for that Frater.

I agree that this is a good idea to try. I will experiment with either drawing on the pillow itself, or drawing separately and putting in the pillow case while sleeping.

FDM don’t feel bad. I’m in a celibate marriage too. Guess that’s what i get for telling my catholic hubby that i don’t want to have kids. My bed is also my temple. :slight_smile:

There’s a book floating around the web. Advanced lucid dreaming: the power of supplements. … author claims to have used the methods to LD 3 to 4 times a week. And yes you can evoke directly from the dreamscape but I would advise you not to do it just to see if you can, trust me. As for the methods I have yet to test them out yet seeing as how I JUST got a job. And piracetam isn’t available in stores.

what happened to you ?

The demon appeared in the form of a behemoth made of black ooze and knocked me back 20 feet. Then told me never to do that again.

Lose the fear. Humans can go toe-to-toe with demons on the astral. You are within the bounds of its possibilities limitless there. Think Neo in the Matrix. You have the advantage over other spirits. You have a divine imagination. You are not not bound by laws. You can break them.

I wouldn’t doubt fear had something to do with it on a subconscious level… though I think if I would have had a purpose in mind other than “hey let’s try this shit”(I think I actually said that in the dream too) that evocation would have went much differently. Then again that could be chalked up to a subconscious influence if you want to boil it down.
still a fucking amazing experience, as that was one of the most realistic dreams I had, it looked like the real world with some Silent hill effect(really, really foggy) with only a variation of physics(I was weightless which I discovered from doing some muscle ups)