Evoking an entity successfully

How do you know if you successfully evoked and entity? How do you communicate?

You see them and talk to them, the same way you would with another human.


please use the search function… there is a lot of threads about this.

However, to communicate you need to develop (enhance your) senses. thats how you will hear, feel and see them


Most people told me that they usually talk to you in your head.

Will do but I was asking for a more beginner response.

They might respond to you in your head, but I speak to them out loud, as if they were standing before me because, you know, they are.


Do you get an actual answer or is it just a feeling?

I generally get an actual answer.

Sometimes I get message popping up in my head to question I don’t know the answer to.

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How do you tell if it’s someone speaking or if you’re just talking to yourself? And usually how long does it take for an entity to show?


It depends on many factors, like the type of entity being called and the method used, but the response is sometimes immediate, and sometimes it can take fifteen or twenty minutes.

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In my experience it’s mostly been on an astral plane or in my head through self talk or dreams.

What I know for a fact is spirits always listen. Responding to what they listen is up to them but they listen non the less as long as you are calling em.

Now how to communicate. First thing one needs to understand is the spirits are powerful they can manifest or comunicate with you if they wish so but as EA has said before you must start the conversation.

It is important to take notice of self talks that happen all day if you take note of em you’ll start noticing sometimes the words used and the tone is completely different to your own. Bingo you just heard what the spirit ia saying.

Last but not the least as others have mentioned there ia no way around, one must practice. But it helps if you ask a spirit that specializes in increasing psychic and astral abilities to boost yours to the max.

You’ll still need to put the work but it wont seem like a chore anymore.

I hope this helps


You’ve gotta keep practicing for better results , over time it will become more clear

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Thank you! The first time I evoked Vepar I heard a very deep voice in my head talking to me but I couldn’t tell if I was just talking to myself. This helped a lot thanks.

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Yeah I guess so I just don’t know where to start.

I personally speak aloud as opposed to in my head to communicate. I agree with some of the other posters who have said that practice makes perfect when it comes to evocation.

I wish you every success.

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Thank you so much!

One of the “things” helping is also practicing a daily session of mental void (for example ignore thoughts or imagine to push them out), as well as doing it before evocation.

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Start anywhere , eventually the voice from the spirit will be extremely clear

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Like Meditation?