Evoking Allah

Anyone tried evoking Allah before? I wanna see if I can summon one of his djinns

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I’ve used the traditional Muslim prayer that calls upon him with decent results. The Djinn are separate entities which he warns against communication with through the Quaran. Ergo, not his.


Does he like offerings? Like incense or something. And how was your results with him

The offerings asked for through the people I lived around involved more things like personal sacrifice. Working with Allah is more a way of life than just a basic ritual summoning.

All I did was the prayer/meditation and I had good results when I put in equal effort. An example was apartment hunting, I did the multiple prayers daily and hit the pavement with the intent of not returning home until I found a new place. The last building I checked ended up being ‘the one’ and I had this immense feeling that it was meant to be, or “His Will” as Muslims might put it.


What Allah are you calling the storm god or the Islamic egregore.


I guess Islamic egregore

What’s the difference

One is a man made bastard troll god, the other is a real ancient storm god.


I guess I can call on the storm God. Isn’t Yahweh and Allah the same entities. I call on Yahweh but he doesn’t listen

If you’re being generic maybe, but technically speaking no. I thought you were asking about the Muslim Allah.


I am talking about the Muslim Allah, I would never even put my thoughts never mind my ascent in such a beings hands.

Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah are the three heads of the God of slavery, stasis, racism, inequality, dogma, lies etc.

I would never work with such man made atrocities. No offence to anyone on here who works with them.


None taken by me. My experiences with it were more of a springboard into LHP, after I came to realize that I was the one who’s will was being exerted. I agree with you and your opinion of those entities.

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I’m very curious about this matter. If YHWH-Christian God-Allah are an egregore/thoughtform entity, who design and create such a beign? I mean, can a magician or cult did this? otherwise there are other spiritual powers in the work? and I thought word of “Allah” comes from “El-İlah” which means “The God” or a pseudonym for"Moon God".

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I have too heard of the moon God Allah.

These egregores are made by the countless animals sacrificed in the entities name, including prayers and the fears and hopes of the followers.

The praise, symbols, feasts, fastings etc all funnel power to create such a egregore.


Then why every cunning master magician not try to create own Abrahamic/Fake almighty god? I mean, if this work only requires bunch of sacrifies, dumb worshippers, perverted prayers, and fancy holy books, I think there are hundreds of fake almighty gods exists in world. I’m not expert this subject and I dont want to be a paranoiac complo theorist, but this situation may be more complicated than it looks. And thank you for information.


Shit just transformed into neil gaimans american gods


I worked with him before. Wonderful results. You don’t need him to summon Djinn unless you’re trying to summon a Muslim Djinn.

Djinn are a race of spirits with different beliefs and cultures, just like humans. They’re not “his” Djinns or anyone else’s. They have free will.


how can i work with him to get someone attracted towards me?


You can use verses of the Quran that corresponds with your need. Then chant the verse, the same way you chant spirit name or Demon’s enn and the same way you use psalms. You do that everyday until you receive a sign from him that your request is accepted ( do it once if you’re using a long verse ). His answer could be a vision while you’re awake or a dream or some other way.

After getting the sign, chant the name “Allah” 66 times like a mantra, everyday. Anytime when you won’t be disturbed. If possible chant it 66 times in the morning and 66 times at night. Pronounce it ( AAALLL-LLLAAAH ) breath it slowly, let it vibrate. That’s your daily offering to him.

This is an easy method. There are more difficult methods that I can’t explain here. But this one should work fine.

You can use an Altar but without pictures or statues or symbols. Burn a candle, some quality incense, and promise him offerings that you give away to charity. Food, clothes etc in his name, once you receive what you want.

If you don’t know which verse to use. I suggest “the throne verse - ayat al kursi” you can read in your own language to understand what it means. But it would be much better if after that you use it in its original language. if you can, and while you say it you remember the meaning of it and get emotional about it. It’s one of the most powerful verses in the Quran, if not the most powerful. And can be used for anything you can imagine.

If you can’t say it because of the language issue, you can listen to it in its original language but read it to yourself - not out loud - in your own language while you listen to it. The best number of times to repeat it every day is 100 times. You can spread that number during the whole day… for example 20 times in the morning, 30 in the afternoon then 50 at night. But it must be done in one day. After that, no need to repeat it each day. Once will be fine because it’s a long verse. You would only need to chant the name daily.

When you get a sign from him that your request is accepted, you can stop chanting his name or you can keep doing that everyday if you want things to be done faster. It’s a good meditation anyway :slight_smile: