Evoked Bune - She told me I wasn't asking for enough

Okay, so I did an evocation with Bune the other day and she is quite amazing. I really like her energy and spirit. I asked for her help in getting some money and she told me i was worth far more and that i should tell her what I really want…

So I did, and she agreed to help provided i created an altar in her name. I have limited space and supplies right but i tried my best and made a small altar with her sigil and some offerings (an orange and other goodies i heard she likes).

I evoked her a second time to show her the altar, and she seemed to like it. She got a little excited and thanked me for it. After that she said she would work on my request and that she would come to me any time i called her. :slight_smile:

She’s quite amazing and I fully trust my request will be completed. I’ll evoke her again in the future.


congrats. Keep us updated on how things turn out

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How’d everything go?

Their account was suspended Debi, so they won’t be back to answer.

Awwww darn.

Thanks for letting me know.

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Anyway this reminded me of something I once read, like “Don’t restrict yourself when making your request to Bune” :slight_smile:


Wait, what? Oh oh oh…
One BILLION dollars.

pinky to the mouth