Evoke Gods/entities as a child?

Has anyone dealt with Gods/demons/entities as a child (before you knew what you were doing) and if so how has this affected your adult life?

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In my earliest years of practice, trying silly spells out of my first grimoire that I got for Christmas, I used to evoke the moon to help me. I had been an atheist for a while by that point, and I felt ridiculous calling upon gods that I’d trash talked and forgotten. So I called out to the moon. The first time I called on it, I got three spells through in one night. Good times.

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Yes, there was once as a child that my absolute need for comfort brought down the goddess Isis and she manifested in front of me physically as if she walked through the door to my room.

I was going through some things then and she held me and comforted me. Then I only knew her as the pretty lady with the hair as black as the Nile soil with two full moons for eyes.

I later found out she was Isis and she’s been with me ever since