Evoke angel with infernal names

can we evoke angel with infernal names?
do you ever evoke angel with reverse lemegetton method

for example

for prepararion ritual
we dont use lesser banishing ritual with invocation 4 archangel but

we use banishing ritual of dark lord
we invoke 4 archdemon
(lucifer, samael, lilith, leviathan)

and we dont use solomonic triangle with 3 names of god power and michael names
but we use lucifer names!

and we didnt use solomonic names of power to conjure
but we use infernal names to conjure archangel

for example
in the names of lucifer azazel satan, i conjure thee …

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In theory you could… but i dont see this going any better than trying to summon demons through threats and constraints. That and it isnt really nessasary, You arnt using that system in the first place as part of your current practice.

You dont have to try and threaten or constrain entites to work with them.


Angel here i will take it as you are referring to the living and not the fallen angels, for they are all angels; demonic angels.

Answer to the question: No.

I never try, I don’t think in reverse way.

If you will summon other demonic angels, or lesser demonic angels to be precise, then you can use this procedure.

But to summon Anaël with the name of Lucifer ahh even if the Spirit comes around he won’t show up. If a spirit shows up, then it is not Anaël. I have done this.

You can’t use the name of a major or governors to control a president. It’s off. When if infernal spirits refused to obey or are been stubborn or wants to take charge of the operation during ritual and dominate, it’s this Archangel names, Solomonic names of power that is used to humble and subdue them. So in reverse you will use that name the angels subdue to call them? Let’s reason.

There is E.A, Timothy, and Eva, but you want to report a member or warn a member and you are using the name of another basic member to threaten a basic member…while Eva can ban you two. It won’t work.

Each demon has a high rank angel that frustrate them. And you can’t call an angel with a name that is beneath him. Except you just evoke: come Anaël, come Anaël", and a spirit shows up.

Let’s say you want to call this minister of Paimon, Asmiel…
I conjure thee Asmiel by the name of your master Paimon who you obey, and by the name of higher powers, lords and kings that rules the infernal world, Lucifer, Satan, Azazel, Asmodeus, and by the word of power that terrifies you (not necessary), come from wherever you maybe…for it is not I who call you, Asmiel, but your Master Paimon, so come quickly to obey your master…

Now these is cool. But I conjure thee, Michael, by the name of Lucifer…lmao It’s a no no.

But in evocation powers, names isn’t necessary. Just call and that’s it.

So you say that
Angel is more powerful than a demon? So angel can be used to bind a demon but you cannot bind angel by the power of demon?
For example! In lemegetton or old grimoire you command a demon with “god’s” names
For example
" i conjure you and command in the name of YHVH eloah v daath and by the power of Michael the archangel come now" etc etc

So if we cannot do reverse lemegotton ritual for example
" i conjure you and command you to appear now in the name of the almighty dark lord the chaos and by the power of the morning star mighty emperor lucifer etc etc"
So i assume that angels is more powerfull and maybe have a higher rank and authority than a demon? Including maybe satan or lucifer the dark prince?

Yes, something of that kind. But their hierarchy matters alot.

Yes, but like I said rank also matters among the angels too.

Like, you can’t threaten a being like Azazel with a lesser ranked angel. No! The lords, prince and sub princes etc are the ones that frustrates them.

For example, there is this angel if you summoned him, no demons tries to cross his path or delay his coming…they avoid him greatly, cuz he used to come with some peculiar odour that irritates them.

While, when I called Gabriel and some demons be blocking him from coming to me, he brought out his sword, fought greatly, they were turning to ash like vampires.