Evokation of Azazel

So I have finally decided to actually attempt my very first evokation, and the demon I chose for it was Azazel. I followed the guide on sigil use by E.A Koetting and after a while of gazing into the sigil and chanting Azazel’s enn the sigil started to get blurry and started to flash (does it get blurry first for anyone else or is it just me?) then I thanked him for answering to my call I asked him to help me achieve peace of mind which I really needed at the time and allowed him or either myself to retire. Then a minute or two after I finished the evokation I felt weird Andy dizzy then the feeling suddenly went away and I started to feel really relaxed and was able to focus faster then before. My question is tho if it’s normal for a beginner like me to not be able to actually hear the spirit not even in my head nor as a thought? Sigil I used including the offering from blood.


Most of the time when you can’t hear a spirit they implant thoughts into your head where they may seem like your own thoughts but really aren’t next time try to clear your mind more and let things happen as they happen the more you work at it the clearer it will become


Talking or having a text file with questions prompts the entities to answer, so that you should be able to “hear” them. You may vibrate Ham, the throat chakra mantra, and also E pronounced as in “helicopter” to improve clairaudience.