Evokation and Javanese Arousal Spell

Hey guys,
So I’m relatively new to magic (6 months) and I’e dabbled in charms and simple candle spells. But, I have a situation which makes me a little more desperate to seek out the help of Goetic entities and even just instant results. On a few last posts, I read about the Javanese ‘Instantly turn on/Make Horny’ spell and tried it out by looking at a picture and picturing everything just like some people in the comment said they had luck with. Then that same person wrote a post about how Sargatanas made a whole bunch of girls obsessed with him and then I started my research on these demons. I found Sitri (Sytry) and tried evoking him. I called out his enn for about twenty minutes and I think he was there? So I asked him if he could help me and offered my friendship and public appraisal.

My situation is that I really like this guy, and we’ve hung out a few times but he’s generally busy, we don’t see each other that often. I tried a charm that made him all flustered and nervous around me and it worked, the charm was meant to make him more vulnerable to show how he feels so that I know if he likes me or not. There some sexual chemistry between us and we girls get horny too! So I was wondering… does anyone know a way to enhance the Javanese spell of make my evocations more effective (or even know if Sitri got my request?!)

I live in a home full of Christian and religious stuff so does that affect him being there? If I wasn’t desperate, I probably wouldn’t be trying so hard…