Evokation And Automatic Writing

Just found out from my magician friend that i was doing a triangle of manifestation with my hands.I would always subconsciouly form a triangle with my hands during meditation but this is the first time i consciously did it.During my evokation chant my head would go in circles and move up facing the ceiling my body was vibrating,and my body was jerked into an upright position.My hands were shaking and i consciously did the triangle of manifestation without actually knowing what it was for.I then directed my palms to the black mirror and proceeded to ask one of my succubi their true name and that’s when my arm started tightening and reached for my pen and open notebook.I was actually trying to evoke her into the mirror but had the opposite effect of automatic writing while looking into the mirror.I may have gotten the first three letters of her true name but my analytical mind was interfering with the natural flow of things so i had to stop because i felt the connection was lost due to it.

I had the same challange when learning remote viewing. It just takes practice, hovering the mind right on the edge where you maintain awareness of your work but also enough to activate your body to write or speak without losing the deeper mind states.

As you do these more you’ll get better.

Another option is to connect to your work and get info, come back out and write it down and then repeat.