Evocations and posession

I wonder what the chance is for full possession to occur during an evocation, especially when people such as myself, don’t secure any safeguard except for casting the circle mentally and opening the elemental gates. So if you are working with a dangerous, temperamental, or unknown spirit, thrn, wouldn’t it be wiser in approach to have a drawn circle, and gatekeepers/elemental guardians present?

.001% at most. I have never cast a circle or opened the elements. I have only banisher a handful of times… If it ain’t happened to me y’all are good


Okay, do what is your confidence in calling forth Andras, Cain, or Chupacabra for example?

I’ve invoked Andras, without know who he was and with 155 other beings to boot. Caine I am interested in working with, and chupacabra is an interesting idea.

I dont fear them. I used to work with Ahriman. Fear is a gate. We must break through it.


Not likely. I have not undergone any possession that I am aware of, and certainly not full possession, but from what I understand it requires at least some amount of tacit or implicit consent. I think it may have something to do with spirit signatures, but that is only a damiana inspired musing at this moment, lol.


Possession requires consent from both parties. Been there lol