I think it’s time for me to perform my first evocation of Azazel. I have a strong sensation that he’s been calling me to do it. I know it’s ideal but I don’t have a Universal circle or a Circle of Demonic Pacts, nor the space to place one (I don’t feel that this will hinder the experience.) I’ve made a triangle of manifestation. I can’t see or hear clearly (just ringing in my ears) spirits, I can sense their presence. Sometimes you can’t wait til everything is perfect for everything may never be perfect. Any tips, suggestions or advice you’ll like to gave about Azazel or evocation in general will be much appreciated.

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I have read the BoA, and searched the forum about him which has been quite informative, haven’t seen anything recent about him though.

He might come off as intimating or scary but don’t let that bother you
he has no bad intentions.

Azazel has the ability to see us at our peak power and ability
so he desires to release that power within us.


@AlphaC Thanks for the info, yea I kinda got that vibe the other night while doing a void meditation and the presence I felt was very intense it kept making me slip in between conscious and subconscious but not once did I fear for my well being and the only name that keep echoing in my head during that whole ordeal was Azazel, the whole time I thought it was me calling upon him to help me, it wasn’t until the next day that I realized it wasn’t me calling upon him for help but it was him letting me know it was his presence that I felt, which was very intense but not to the that I felt scared and threaten but to know just how powerful he is, but I know that was just a taste.

He showed me an ideal version of myself. I was wearing nice clothes and I was practically glowing with pride and confidence.


Just do not leave open ended fill in the blanks, types of things with demons. Along with use your imagination and surprise me, types of things. Because requested deviant types of sexual activities, can actually promote having, some man like myself walking like a woman. Even metals like bed springs can hold charges, along with enough familiarization leading to, request in doing a reversal spell becoming possible.

Just be aware, even without a circle, a witches coven leader saw the public spell-work against her. With the Organized Witchcraft of Fairbanks, Alaska listing this as a Bitch Fight. A familiarization with the spirit will lead to a better connection, with eventual connection with the spirit. And after certain items are completed with a spirit, arrangements will continue even after this is done. As for the present, I am being carded by Law-Enforcement because of using the Men’s Room while being born as a male. Just wait for the presence, become familiar with the presence and look up what you can about Azazel.

It just takes time to generate a bond with a spirit, with this spirit once it happens outside of a circle, it will not be in a ritual context. So that becomes unpredictable, but this just requires a tuning into spirit. Just like orbs of darkness, from where people use witching boards such as the Ouija Boards. These can appear even unintentionally after being around an open portal enough. A clouded type of energy exist with those such as with race riots, along with recreational violence groups. So take time to familiarize yourself with the feel as you are doing, with this ringing in the ears, with the rest becoming easier over time.

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