Is it possible for 2 people to do a successful evocation?
I informed her of my actions, that I was going to be calling upon spirits. She had no problem just the wise words of be careful. She gave me reassurance telling me she knows I got this. And that helped a lot.

We both have some financial hardships. Researching Duke Bune I’m certain he can help us.

Well you don’t explain who the she is that told you this, and its probably not relative, but imagine people are more likely to respond, if they fully understand what you mean. You go from can two people do an invocation, to partial details thst don’t really indicate that she was involved with the operator. Sounds like she wished you luck, and you got this, sounds like she left you to it.

So more context could probably at least clarify what you had going on. That being said,

Yes two people can evoke a being at the same time or together or however else you want to do it. You may have different and dissimilar encounters, whether or not your senses are developed. Ok me if you might experience something and one of you not. You both probably will experience nothing, if your new and your Claire’s aren’t developed, but who knows.

Honestly, I’ve helped other to evoke over the telephone. Friend in India, me in USA. Essentially instead of evoking on my side, I pushed energy through the entities sigil and directed it from the sigil to the individual.

I’ve also watched a group of friends take evoking a servitor to test it out, they each individually called upon the servitor and idk if there was any overlap in time or not, other than they went off to do it around the same time. Tu Not quite the same as dual evocation, but It is the closest examples I have for you based on what little you have us.

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Yes, group evocations are possible. EA discusses them in his book Evoking Eternity.

However, from your description, it seems like it’s just going to be you doing the evocation, as the eponymous “she” left you to it,