Evocation with closed senses

how should i do evocation if my senses are not open yet? will they still come and help me even if i dont see them? i’ve been evoking belial, lilith and paimon and have noticed some changes but i’m not sure if they were just coincedence but they do seem to be relevant to what those spirits do (like lilith=met a girl, paimon=people stopped annoying me-i asked for him to help me with people- and well belial=you know what he does :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:) also any general advice for a beginner will be very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s possible to open them with divination (Tarot, runes, scrying) or “directly” by keeping doing evocation, as you may welcome an entity, state your request and politely dismiss it. Or ask for information which may arise in the form of thoughts in your mind, memories, decisions or external events. And, definitely, trust :slight_smile: : the spirits arrive, you communicate with them etc. but, likewise, this will also become easier and an habit by continuing to practice and having success.