Evocation turning into invocation/partial possession

Greetings all, I am an inexpiereienced magician and i have been working with a couple demons as of late and i would like to share the expiereience and if anyone can give advice or incite i will be more then happy to listen.

I Performed a sucessful blood magic ritual asking lilith for a daughter of hers to be sent unto me or the one in my life that was affecting it (i had been having dreams sent to me by either her or one of her offspring) to be revealed to me and that i would accept this demon in my life. It was a primitive from of magic, a very primal one, i burned a candle, RED for passion (and i couldn’t find a black candle to save my life(Im working on it))and wrote a very emotional letter to Lilith and signed it with my blood, then set the letter aflame and it burned perfectly in it’s entirety which almost never happens to that kind of paper i was using, usually a little bit is left over or the page gets singed at the top and i have to relight. during this ritual this paper was consumed by fire quickly and burned to a fine ash fast. That surprised me and the fact that the page was wet with blood and still burning was still surprising as well. then i saw the candle flicker and i felt cool wind. i did this ritual outdoors in a forest. And all of a sudden i felt a massive presence and then a calm like no other and i swear to you i felt a precence behind me embrace me. hugged me gently. and after a moment of that the feeling was gone and i closed the ritual. The following day i set out to commune with lilith using sigil magic. I wanted the name of the daughter that was sent unto me. and surprizing enough i saw an energetic sigil rise and fade from the paper and the ink dried into the paper like a sponge and i heard the whisper of a female voice tell me her name. “Dreimuiri” I quickly jotted this down in the notebook im using for magic and called it a night. Last night I attempted to Evoke this daughter of lilith (IE succubus) inside my house, it was raining. and i was using a rather large mirror and set up an alter in front of it using the universal circle and three tea lights in the corresponding spots on the circle. Something i must confess i was nealing before a 9 inch version of the magic circle, it was not surrounding me. Call me paranoid but i think THIS is where i messed up. I Called upon this demon and using the sigil i started watchign the lines bend and sway and then be absorbed by the paper and this is where shit started to go awry. I looked up into the mirror. The person in the mirror was ME, or at least using my body. but the eyes were not my won. and it rather seemed that my face lost a good few pounds and my cheek bones became much higher and i realized that this demon was attemptign to merge with me. Here not expecting this i attempted to commune with it and we had a conversation. i gave her an offer and she basically said, she would think about it. But more importantly i feel like i showed the smallest amount of fear and hesitation of letting her take my image as her own. And i have no problem with that if i am expecting that from the begining, but this was a spur of the moment thing. idk i think it was sucessful-ish…I am going to attempt the ritual to commune with her via sigil magic again tonight and ill be expecting her to wish to merge with me again. ill post the results after. I have a lil more then an hour to prepare. I know from E.A.'s work with azazel that sometimes when you summon a demon that they might wish to merge with you on the spot in order to fully satisfy their wishes. IDK i was still not prepared for it and im hoping that that little, i emphasize that it was the LITTLEST ounce of fear. of an almost hesitation which ended up in a partial merge and not a complete one. If anyone has any comments, inquiries, or thoughts on this subject im all ears. ill be posting the Results of this test later.

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