Evocation to Bune

Given economic problems and several posts I saw in this chat about this entity, I decided to perform a ritual to evoke it.
I chose Friday which is beneficial for this entity, I printed its seal, I used an orange candle and I harmonized the atmosphere with incense.
Before the ritual, perform a banishment (focused on the paradigm of Satanism) to prepare for the evocation with an Egyptian dagger that I have.

I light the candle, I look at the seal for a long time while I say the mantra Whlc melan avage Bune rate

I close my eyes trying to visualize the seal in my mind. Once I feel gnosis reached, I open my eyes and add the following presentation:

"Oh Duchess Bune, I introduce myself I am (name magicko), I request your presence with deep respect and cordiality. At this moment I present economic problems (I expose my situation) and in exchange for this situation improving and my financial difficulties have a viable solution, I will I offer an offering this spirited drink (Chilean red wine in a ceramic glass), an orange candle every Friday, some of my blood on your seal and praise your favors in digital media (magic forums and social networks).

I appreciate your presence. "

I offer the wine, I take a few drops of my blood (since I did not have a sharpened needle on hand, I take dental floss, I press the gum and drops of blood come out) and I impregnate the seal with these drops.

Again I close my eyes and visualize the seal. I feel footsteps on the ceiling (I live in a five-story building and I live on the top floor), the candle flame moves a little (the window is closed) and I feel a warm presence with me.

I end by thanking Bune again and I proceed to say goodbye to her and reiterate what I offered in return.

In the course of the week business opportunities have been presented, although they have not yet materialized. I’m still waiting and maybe I will perform the ritual again this Friday.


bune always helps …i love her to bits

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Thank her, respect her, love her as she is absolutely awesome. She loves to help…but is so much more than someone you contact just for help. She’s a loyal guide, mentor…and above all friend. You won’t be disappointed contacting her!!

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I just summomed her last Friday and saw a bright light along with a silouhette on my wall. Her energy felt like a warm comforting fire around me. She is awesome!

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I completely agree with you! I felt her warm energy before too and it was very comforting! Duchess Bune is fantastic :smiley:


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