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I read on reddit that if you want to be more personal with a goetic spirit you could infuse ink with materials associated with that demon. It’s something that I thought about to increase my chances of a successful evocation, and to impress the spirit in some way.

I can see this working pretty well if you created a sigil for money and then burn it to release the energy.

Has anyone tried this method?

Infusing ink with herbs related to an intent is a pretty common thing in witchcraft. It’s generally used for things like writing petitions and spells.

I’m sure you could use a magical ink to draw a demon seal as well, though I’m not sure if it would increase your chances of success when evoking in any major way, but there would be no harm in giving it a try. You never know.


That’s new to me, I know some practitioners would burn herbs around sigils or even place them on top of it but not infuse ink with herbs.

I’ll give it a try since my intuition is telling me to give it a shot, but yeah i think you’re right. It wouldn’t increase my chances of an successful evocation.


Definitely give it a try. I have not as of yet personally, but I imagine it would be similar to making an oil geared towards your desired goal and anointing a sigil with it as a way to give the spirit something additional to work with.


Christopher Penczak discusses it in his book The Casting of Spells: Creating a Magical Life Through the Words of True Will. I believe S. Connolly does as well in some of her demonolatry books.


You’re already successful. They hear you loud and clear.


I’m always amazed by how few people use clay as a method of spell work, you can write on it, mold it into images, stick a candle in it, stamp things into it and even mix herbs into it, or poke a whole into it and invite the spirit to stay. when your done, you mix the clay back up to use again. but then again, when i do magick it always looks more like a piece of art than what would be considered a traditional written spell.


Clay is a good medium to use, as well as sheets of soft metal. I have gotten some interesting results making clay tablets and found the spell can be lifted once you destroy it if it is something like a curse. Really old school method.


I wanted to use clay and make figures of demonic spirits but the clay i wanted requires a certain amount of heat to fully dry it out. I know there’s another clay i could use that would only need the oven i use. Which isn’t so bad i guess.

I like the idea of using clay for spells too.

That’s pretty neat.

So common, that I haven’t heard of it till now lol. How does one even do that, infuse ink with something?

I was going to use mortar and pestle to mix up all the herbs. Then throw it all in with the ink, i might add a few drops of blood into it.

My secondary option is to bring the water to boiling point and then add all the herbs, boil for at least 10 mins. Then take out the herbs, wait for the water to cool down - pour the herbal water in a jar.

At this point i was gonna leave the jar on the window seal so the moon can charge it up for the night.

This is just how I’m going along with it. I don’t really know if this is a common thing to do, I’m just going to let my intuition take over and hope for the best.