Evocation Ritual Leading to Passing Out Afterwards

Hello, I recently had an experience that I am wondering about. Has anyone else ever been almost forced to pass out and go to sleep right after a ritual? Before this last one, I had aleady slept in that morning, and hadnteaten for an hour or two before the ritual. After completing it, I felt relaxed and a strong overpowering feeling to just lay down and close my eyes. It was only around 9 at night, I NEVER go to bed that early or feel like sleeping by then unless ive been sleep deprived for a few days. I had an essay I wanted to still get done that night (college student) but it wasn’t happening.

Long story short, I fought off the feeling for maybe 10-20 minutes, noticed I kept passing out for a few minutes in between, and decided to give up fighting it and went to bed, passed out completely almost immediately then. Had many strange dreams, but a reoccurring theme was that the things that I had done the ritual for had taken place already in these dreams andnI was partially exprrience what it would be like. So again, anyone else ever have a similar experience? This is the first time I had one one this, the ritual involved summoning a demonic being (nothing new, ive done that with a few other ones in the past).

I get the same thing with dreams, same sleepiness after rituals if I invoke an entity, angel or demon, but if its a ritual that doesn’t involve other beings, the sleepiness doesn’t occur.

Yea, especially with Belial. I end up falling asleep in the middle of the ritual.