Evocation Questions (Belial in this case)

So as a few of you already know a dear friend of mine is facing a domestic violence charge that could cause her a lot of trouble. However, this will be my first time actually evoking an entity. I’ve actually decided to use Ashtoreth’s method to evoke Belial. I’ve already looked at the Belial Files thread and found a decent amount of info about him. Yes, I’ve called upon other entities (Mostly Focalor) and have seen results as I did other spellwork, however I feel for this situation an evocation would be best. I do, still have a few questions.

  1. in Koettings evocation demonstrations it seems like he’s saying much more than just the enn, is there anything else I need to say besides Belial’s enn and asking him to come to me?
  2. what’s his gematria number? I understand it’s important to ask any demon or spirit to sign it’s seal so you know it’s the real deal, and that only impostors would be angered by such a request.
  3. I’m not sure whether or not my psychic senses are developed enough, even though I can sometimes see things before they happen, predict things, and once when using my sisters tarot deck, I just out of nowhere knew when to stop shuffling, and made a very accurate drawing of three cards. I can also sometimes sense who’s calling me before I even look at caller ID. Would you say my psychic abilities are enough for me to see Belial through the incense?
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