Evocation offerings altering after ritual

I wanted to post this as I was so shocked about what happened with an offering I made during a recent evocation and am curious to hear of others experiences in this. I know somone posted on this kind of thing recently but I cant find the damn thread now!

So I had read that certain Demons like strong liquor and in undertaking this particular evocation instead of wine I used a glass of my favourite Fine Arran single malt! Now whiskey doesnt go off you know duh. It is a fine clear subtly golden hue and stays that way even if you leave it out for a while. Now after the ritual I placed the cut glass tumbler of malt out of the way to let the spirit enjoy his offering. (How long do people do this for I never know when to get rid of it btw) But the following day it had changed completely. It was as cloudy as noxious looking as bad piss and smelled…‘wrong’. I wouldnt have drank it for anything. It was as if all the vital essence of it had been extracted.

Anyway I found this very interesting and wondered if others had experience of radical changes in offerings? Or even if anyone has a cunning theory as to what happens in the subtle energy field of these things when offered? And why if spirits can suck out the goodness of physical objects do they only do it to offerings and not just any old thing they fancy?

I’m sure there’s a reason, you should ask them sometime. But you just gave me an idea, somewhere there must exist a spirit who specializes in sucking the essence from objects. For one reason or another most spirits don’t just go around doing that, however, there is always an exception in infinity. I think I’ll try finding it sometime.

Yes. An ex “friend” of mine who was/into some spiritual workings with ancestors told me the same thing,in her group they would offer food (for example, fruits), and after leaving them as offerings some short time after they would be tasteless.
I wouldnt eat/drink the offerings, per see. Mine is mine and their food/drinks are theirs lol. I dont see the point in consuming something you offered to someone else`s. :wink:

No no you misunderstand mundopincha I never consume offerings after they are given it was just a figure of speech that it looked so disgusting! That said I also tried using chocolate once as an offering but days later it looked the same…But using chocolate too regularly would be too tempting for me not to eat it perhaps hah so probably best not too…!

Oh yeah sometimes I need clarification for some things, English is not my first language :slight_smile:

I have a shrine at which I make daily offerings
Most days this is an incense cone, a lit candle (which I won’t extinguish until the incense has finished burning, sometimes hours later depending on my movements) and a chalice of water.
Occasionally I also offer fresh cut flowers from my garden which will then stay on the shrine until tomorrows offering. I find that they always wilt extremely quickly, looking extremely drained by the end of that approximately 24 hour period. Compared to the same flowers lasting days when given as a gift to my partner who often leaves them on her desk in the next room.

There was a time that I was really curious to learn why this thing happens to the offerings. So after each evocation I did, I would ask the entity if I could see how it is done but I never got a clear answer until one day I evoked a goetic entity and I asked for the same thing. After about 1 hour of standing still looking at the offering (yes, I was convinced that the entity would come back, appear again in my space and do whatever it wanted to do to the offering) I saw in my mind’s eye something like a tiny tornado over the glass with the offering. When this whole thing finished I was curious to see what happened in the physical world to my offering. Well, the best way I can describe it is that it smelled like burned flesh.
Some weeks after that I had asked another entity and he told me that not all entities/demons absorb the vital energy like that.
I have tried to see if the same thing (with the tornado) happens to other kinds of offerings (such as flowers) but I only saw some very small lights orbiting the offering, nothing else.

Just a few days ago I placed some peacock feathers over a sigil I had made, and the feathers were waving back and forth at me :slight_smile: Was pretty.

Many people (myself included) consume the offerings after a specified amount of time. I simply tell the spirit that I leave this offering and for the spirit to take from it what it desires, sometimes it may be a handful of candy or nuts or something along those lines. I leave the offerings out until I feel the urge to leave new offerings or I perform another ritual.

If the work is an ongoing spell or project I will leave the offerings and add more as the work progresses. I have a honey jar spell that has tootsie rolls buried in candle wax like an insect trapped in amber.

I have had offerings, candy in this example that tasted sweeter after it had been offered. Sometimes I don’t notice any change in the taste it seems different depending on the work. I don’t usually work with a specific spirit but rather I ask for assistance from spirits of whatever the nature of the work is about, be it love prosperity, vengeance etc.

I bet they would love some super dank organic sticky icky also. Maybe a pure haze or lavender. Any one use the herb while evoking?

I have never made an offering of bud, but have been pretty blazec whilst evoking. Works a treat although I have stopped using it for this as it tends to become a bit of a crutch and when you want to do a working without it you get this little bit of doubt cropping up

what about your own blood in the liquor??

Just got the same info from a tarot working I did last night to start a big experiment I am working on (this is the third tarot reading I performed for this purpose). I am tring to contact some entities from my heritage that I have not been able to find much info on. I did a divination last night and came to the conclusion that a few drops of blood in the whiskey was what I needed to do to get thier attention and I am to drink it three days after. For this working it seems to be some sort of initiation pact; I give the blood and whiskey , they take from it what they will and inject their essence into it and I consume that energy and become intune with their energy current. Haven’t done it yet, I can let you know the results in a few weeks.

But for general purposes the mixing of blood into the offering, they leave thier essence behind and when your consume it after it mixes your energy and theirs, together making the working that much more powerful, something not to be used on a regular basis, more of a pact thing, or in my case an initiation.

Haven’t done it yet, I can let you know the results in a few weeks.[/quote]

Please do.