Evocation of Vine

Well evoking Vine I spent a few minutes with his sigil. It had a strange calm blue glow to it that when I called to him seem to spread down like fire before becoming something of a glowing ocean of gentle blues. His sigil still hovered there now white outlined in black. I used his enn again and three lightning bolts struck in that image and froze becoming like crystal of energy.

He was quiet until I asked if he was there and he said he was here and everywhere. Living in between time at the decay of future into the past and the formation of the future. It was like an image the now being half formed and half broken as the passing moments crumble into sand then reform the moments of the future. He told how the energy of the forming and breaking of moments was his domain to create structure or break it and see all things in time by looking through one moment to see the next and the next. The image I got was like looking through crystal shards and fractals nauseating enough when see as a whole to be impossible to do anything but try and focus on one point and one set of possibilities.

He said he would teach me these things or rather show them to me over time if I accepted his gift. I accepted and it was a bolt of light that whited out the vision and some energy into my third eye. He does seem similar in ways to Purson but more straight forward and calm and a bit less arrogant in a sense. It seems he is more an expansion of a different branch in the same realm of powers.


Very good :slight_smile:

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