Evocation of the Holy Guardian Angel

Dear Evocationists greetings!,

Have you even considerated evoking the HGA trought evocation?. I know of course about the Abramelin’s operation and in my opinion it all at the end is a great evocation of this Entity, do you believe that you could perform this operation as of you were evoking a simple angel? What do you think?.
Excuseme my English please as it is not my mother language.



hi Obethencour and welcome

The road I chose for myself many years ago was to achieve a conversation of my own HGA through various rituals (mainly golden dawn and thelemic). I’m not sure if you have practiced any rites to align yourself for this “meeting” but through my experience it is not an entity as one would think( at least for me anyway I may be wrong). Instead, for me the HGA is that divine aspect of ourselves that , through ritual means, could be “contacted” and through an alchemical transmutation of our lower self become integrated and thus elevate our being towards the creator(speaking in metaphors).

The Abramelin operation is one way but personally speaking for myself, any rituals magickal (invocation,evocation,creating talismans,etc) is an act of accession towards that higher purpose we as humans seek. Again, regardless of your chosen path, black or white, the magician seeks that elusive higher ground that will take him/her through that process throughout their lives.

Each act is a magickal act

and magick is accession no matter what you do.

even if the HGA were an “entity” of sorts, you would still need to align yourself with “it”. Completing the magickal cycle of accession and bringing closure at the end of my own earthly life (magickally speaking) would bring me and my HGA as one. Its a lifetime process but one that would make me a better magician and a even better human being.