Evocation of the gatekeepers


I will actually place this topic in the right part of the forum this time. When performing the evocation of the gatekeepers to open the gates of Hell is it necessary to have physical vessels for the gatekeepers to possess or would it work to simply evoke them all in separate triangles at each of the four cardinal points… Also if you have performed this feel free to share your results.


Hey Necromaster, I’ll nibble on this one - give everybody else a ‘bouncing off’ point, so to speak … My tradition & methods are different from yours, I think. Nonetheless I should think the underlying Principles line up.

In Celtic Magick, we tend to be very open & relaxed in our interacttions with Daemons, regardless of their ilk. We see them as People - due courtesy & respect, and we do not assume they want nothing in return for their Presence. Always ask what’s in it for them!

Regarding Ritual, we refer to it as “Summoning the Guardians of the Watchtowers” and we almost always do it outdoors at night by firelight. (A simple Circle is the extent of My preparation for this.) We usually bring a “token” physical lifeform representing the 4 Elementals (Ourself being the 5th) and situate those tokens in the (corresponding) direction where we want the Daemons to appear. Think of it as a welcome mat. We release the physical totems when we release the Daemons back to their Quarter.

Hope you find something here of value to your Working …Z


Cool Zoe…cool!