Evocation Of The Book New Avatar Power

That’s very interesting, thanks. :thinking:

Agreed, it’s the method I have had the most consistent results with over a very long period, especially with objects and events. I emphasise method because there are various spirits who can work literal miracles under the right circs, but if anyone is reading this looking for a method to stand them in good stead, careful study of LOA is worth the time.

:+1: is all I will say (to avoid offending anyone!).

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So how do we go about with the LOA, do we use similar process of sitting still and quiet, the requesting what we want?

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I know this is old but it’s really strange for me that others don’t get anything when working NAP, worked it this year and got results but the way I did it, it drained me and I can’t do that again for 7 days, it wasn’t necessary but it was just enough to get me into a magickal headspace. NAP worked faster than anything I’ve done for some reason but the book gives off a weird vibe, like it’s alive or there’s something tied to it. But I can see why it might not work for some, it’s like squeezing an almost empty tube of toothpaste.


Experienced witches can open the planes and contact the spirits behind any grimoire. In Balg there are/were some of the most potent witches of this planet so please don’t underestimate true practitioners of the dark arts.

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