Evocation Of The 9 Demonic Kings vid

I just caught up with this vid this afternoon:


Lots of cool stuff:

“Seek ever for your kingdom, your empire. Concern yourself not with those who are weak of mind, and who seek excuses to flee from their power. You are God now. All of you are God now. Favour the bold, the strong; favour those who favour you, and erase all others from your destiny.” ~ Belial

This speaks to me about some recent events in my life, which I had already got spiritual advice on but it’s always good to hear the same from different sources.

Anyone else get any interesting insights from Belial and the other Kings?


I really liked what Purson said, "Keep your heads down and work! Concern yourselves not at all with the thoughts or the words of others. Concern yourself not with the fruit of your labor (Bhagavad Gita reference?). Work. Do the work. Build the walls of your empire. Build them day by day by day."
At this time in my life, I’ve resolved to focus on my studies and build a better future for myself. I found Purson’s words very encouraging to me and I felt that he was sort of prodding me on to continue.

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Did anyone feel a strange surge of energy or power at the begining of the video?It took me by surprise and it made me reel a bit.

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I’ve been ramping up research on demons and hierarchies, trying to get things mapped out better - not so much hierarchy, but Who’s Who in Hell (sounds like a great book title now that I think of it.)

The talk about Nine Gateways is interesting, because there is in fact an old tradition of Nine Orders of Hell. Here’s a link to pg. 69 of A Treatise on Angel Magic.


Of course, this is steeped in dualism and a few of the names smell like poetic license - Python is the demon of lying? How convenient. But it would not be difficult to work this into an initiatory power structure.

For brevity, here’s a quick overview of the orders and their alleged leaders.

  1. False Gods/Usurpers - Beelzebub
  2. “Liars” - Python
  3. Vessels of Iniquity - Belial
  4. Revengers of Wickedness - Asmodeus
  5. Workers of “False” Miracles - Sathan
  6. Aerial Powers (Spirits who Control Land, Air, and Sea) - Merizim
  7. Mansion of the Furies - Abaddon
  8. Spies - Astaroth
  9. Tempters - The Bad Genii - Mammon

Note that Python was originally a prominent spirit at Delphi (Apollo Python), meaning his true speciality is divination.

Asmodeus is given as having a wrathful nature and is often called on to resolve exorcisms and posessions, so the fourth Order probably has to do with fighting/reversing black magic - possibly instigating it as well.

The eighth Order is given as Criminators, Accusers of the Brethren, and Explorators, so you have to think a little to figure that one out. But explorator is an old forgotten word for a scout or spy, and obviously those pesky accusers can only make their accusations if they can see what the Brethren are doing when nobody’s around.

Nine is…fascinating. So here you have a demon usually associated with money, wealth, avarice, being listed as the head of the Bad Genii, who are also referred to as Diaboli, and clearly distinguished from the spirits being called demons. So that makes number nine a little ambiguous. Is it about wealth? The Djinn? Or maybe the bad Genies are a metaphor for the corruptive power of money?

I’m also aware that there are planetary spirits in Hell, though I’m still working on that one. It looks like there are only seven, though. But I know that Gateway initiations are often mapped to the planets.

For me it was Balam. In several of the other messages I found what I considered good advice, things to think over, etc. But I didn’t really feel like any of it was directed, you know, -at me-.

When he started chanting the name Balam, though, I noticed my body moving at first subtly in a rhythm that was both point and counterpoint to the audible chant I was hearing. I also began chanting the name Balam, and a very palpable presence began to build up in the room with me, as well as a sort of warm, tingly, semi-electric sensation that I get every once in awhile over spiritial presence. Finally, all at once as if on cue, what must have been every dog for miles started howling wildly like they were trumpeting heralds and that preceded the first words that were spoken. Uniquely among the demonic kings, I felt like Balam’s powerful message was being spoken directly -at me-. Not saying it wasn’t just as much for everyone else out there, but I was definitely meant to hear that message and it makes perfect sense. I’ll edit this after re-listening so I can get an exact transcript for easier recall in the thread.

Edit - The message from Balam:

"The cards, the bones, the stones,
The water and blood and fire:
These all simply give you permission-
To speak the truth.

Give yourself that permission at any time,
And the truth will be spoken through you.

All the world is your mirror,
And a million spirits dance therein.
Call them and they appear;
Command them and they obey."

My impression was not just of divination independently of handy symbols for the mind to discern - it had to do with the mindset to make reality adapt to your word.

Did anyone get anything meaningful from this king, similar or different?


Yeah. Belial`s insights are just related with certain issues regarding my life at this very moment.
And I have just realized that “strenght” is not what I always thought it is.
It may sound corny, but today I have just realized, with a terrible clarity, of the real meaning of the word…is not about never falling, is not about never doubting, is not about never making mistakes.
Strenght is related to being as a phoenix…always being born again from the ashes…falling…thousand of times…and then getting up again…and again…and again…and yet again…in my case, from the very womb, when I was given birth with only 6 months of embryo development and weighting 1 kg…(2,20 pounds)from that very moment onwards…always falling, then pulling strenght from inside to always arise again…


Yes I did have some insights. I’ll be re-viewing it and taking notes for action steps after I let it settle for a few days.

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The funny thing is, or not so funny thing is the statements by the demonic kings tend to be sufficiently ‘generalizable’ or ‘universal’ that it can apply easily to non-occult inclined viewers as well. Especially, if they pay attention. Although they may not pick up any subconscious alterations within them.

Since Belial and a couple other Kings are already in the back of my consciousness all the time, the viewing of the video personally appeared to be a trigger of some form, to get back to exercising the power that is already there.

Its so simple, yet we always delude ourselves into thinking we are powerless.

I just watched this last night but drifted off to sleep towards the end.

A couple times I felt like I was being directly spoken to by the Kings.

I’m going to watch this again and take notes to see what I find.

I finally did it. I transcribed EA’s entire ritual. I spent a couple evenings listening and re-listening to the YouTube video. I omitted the chanting but to keep the information as complete as possible I included EA’s comments along with the messages made by the nine kings. In keeping everything within the context they were spoken made a world of difference. I discovered that the three kings; Baleth, Purson, and Vine all referred to EA as “Arekaylose” in their messages. After listening to the video several times, the messages appear to be meant more for EA and directions for the future.

After listening to the video for a couple evenings I’ll take a break. If anyone hears anything different than what I wrote down, please let me know. I’ll make the corrections. I only speak two languages. Usually those that speak several languages can hear the subtleties of pronunciation with greater clarity. Never the less, this is what I got from the video.

Belial, Belial, Belial…. Everything else is disappeared other than Belial. Belial, Belial…, rise up now Belial. Belial, what have you to say? What have you to report?

Now I draw myself back to theta…

EA Chanting.

Bael, Bael, Bael…Things are disappearing. The skull is becoming the demon. Bael, Bael, his head is this skull. Right there. Bael…. He is communicating internally with me but not in words. In a flow of power. Speak Bael. It’s not in English.

Bael, Bael, grant me strength Bael.

He appears as a smoke in a body. Once again the skull, the skull is his face. Baleth, Baleth, Baleth…

EA chanting.


Ahhh…, I can hear his music, Paimon’s music. And then the music forms a voice like thunder. Come now. Come now. Come now into the fold. All is equal now in the left and in the right and in the center. All is equal above and below. All, all, all…

Vine, Vine, Vine…Like a whirlwind he appears. Vine, Vine, vine… If no one told me that Vine was a demon, I would think he’d be an angle. Protect me Vine.


[quote=“Vine”]You assume too early. The prophet of hell you assume too early. There is more work to do.
Vine…[/quote] I am being told that in order to gain absolute clarity of prophecy you must feel nothing. You must think – nothing. [quote=“Vine”]You must be nothing and then you are with in everything. The space between the electrons, the gap between the galaxies, Arekaylose this is you.[/quote]

Zagan appears everything shifting into everything else.

That’s all Zagan had to say.

Balam, Balam…

Balam, his face is hideous like it was a monstrous face to begin with and caved inwards.

[quote=“Balam”]The cards, the bones, the stones,
The water and blood and fire:
These all simply give you permission-
To speak the truth.

Give yourself that permission at any time,
And the truth will be spoken through you.

All the world is your mirror,
And a million spirits dance therein.
Call them and they appear;
Command them and they obey.[/quote]
Asmoday, Asmoday… Asmoday is here. I am in the crossroads. Lift yourself up.


Wow! I just got around to watching this, and the words spoken by the three kings, Belial, Bael, and Purson, hit home for me, in a big way. While the words of all the Kings were pretty general and universal, the three I’ve mentioned spoke to some things I’ve been struggling with a lot.

It seems I have much to contemplate these days.

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Hey EA, are you going to evoke Furcas to take this work further? My senses are telling me he holds the key to “Bring The Empire to the Planet” (well, Mimas, moon of Saturn is the Gateway to the Infernal Empire as you said in BoA). Saturn and the Sun are going to align do I think its a logical step to evoke him anyway. Ill call him when I get done working with the Kings.

I like that Video. Is great! Its a great Inspiration

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