Evocation of Saints

I don’t know if this thread has been discussed, I searched and found nothing like this.

Are there books on Saint Evocation as we have on Goetia spirits? All what I’ve seen and read are saying prayers to them. Is there a book or website that talks about types of Saints, their sigils/seals if they have, ways of working with them, their colours, candles etc and enns or words to evoke them? Can Saints be evoked through mirrors, water etc?

Kindly share your experiences and infos about it and recommendations as well.

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Saints are not generally evoked to physical appearance the same way demons are. They are like the various pagan gods in that people mostly invoke them through prayer and offerings.

They don’t have seals or sigils since that stuff all comes from ceremonial magick (enns come from the religion of demonoloatry and are only for demons) and saints are most often invoked in folk magick practices like Hoodoo, and Pennsylvania Dutch Powow, not evoked.

That being said, however, you can evoke them the same as any spirit, and making a sigil/seal can be done by tracing their name upon a sigil generator like the Rose Cross.

Jason Miller works with various saints, such as St. Expedite, and has a course available on St. Cyprian at his Strategic Sorcery site (St. Cyprian is a “sorcerer saint” and was said to be a necromancer and to traffic with demons).


I love your way explanation, thanks. Waiting for other ideas and experiences with them

the closest i got to working with St. Benedict was using a candle associated with him and prayer

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