Evocation of Prince Sitri (Don't bypass the license to depart!)

This from my journal, but as I was reading it over, I thought it might be useful for anyone working with Gordon Winterfeld’s Demons of Magick.

Materials: a candle; incense; Demons of Magick; Darkness; a real good imagination

From my journal:

Sitri, on the other hand…totally different. It was inside and I was way relaxed.

  • I set up my space (banishing included: Magical Protection by Damon Brand)
    -I got tranced up pretty good using my Astral Training regimen from all of my posts above.
    -I turned off the lights and lit all the shit that needed to be lit…
    -I called the Arch Angels: Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Metatron
    -Moved through the Alchemy while staring at the Eternity Sigil from DOM.
    *Major Eternity Sigil Action: disappearing; smoking; fog (I new I was in that
    magical state of mind and I could feel it.)
    -read the Invocation prayer
    -Scanned the sigil from right to left and outer to inner until I got to the Shem’s signature
    -Called the Shem while charging the Shem’s signature around the outside of the sigil- still right to left around the sigil
    -Breathed out the evocation codes for Sitri…
    -Pale pink color (I imagine steady flashes of pale pink);
    -texture rose petals (I imagine myself laying in a bed on sheets and covered by
    a blanket that were both made of rose petals;
    -musky smell- I imagine my sweat drenched t-shirt after the gym;
    -moaning (self-explanatory but sometimes I will actually moan and then reproduce
    it in my imagination
    - the taste of salt water- I remember swimming in the ocean after some water gets
    in my mouth

I do them all in that order in an additive way- so by the end I’m experiencing them all at once. Some people go one at a time and I suppose that’s fine- however I’m creating a favorable environment for Sitri here, so I like to saturate my body, mind, and space w/ the sensations.
*note, while doing all of the outer sigil work, I never stopped and focused not even for a second on Sitri’s sigil in the middle of the black. I just let it imprint itself in my mind naturally.

-Next, words of power- because of the astral work before hand, it was pretty easy to vibrate them in rhythm with my heart and feeling them vibrate through my heart and throat chakras. (This use to be hard for me, but since I did the trance work from my program before, the words of power vibrated nicely and stimulated my energy body nicely.)

  • Repeated the codes 1 more time

-Shut my eyes and made my call:

  • names of God>Shem>Angelic Emissaries> Finally, I call on you, Demon Prince
    Sitri, to appear before me in a fair and comely form!

-I began chanting “Sitri” and as I began, I laid my gaze funneled through my 3rd eye chakra directly on Sitri’s sigil for the first time of the night.

-It jumped and flashed and fogged immediately and I knew… Thunder and lightening from the storm outside!

Gently, while chanting, I lifted my gaze towards the darkness in front of me and continued to chant “Sitri.”

-I began to use my imagination to create the tiniest single thread of milky white color descending into the black like milk being poured into black water (Technique from DOM)

-But that’s all I generally give to the demon, and that’s all I gave to Sitri. The demon Prince spun and swirled the silky milky white thread into a demonic face w/ glowing green/ orange eyes that went from the front of his face and out of the back of his head and on into the darkness for what seemed like forever.

-I told Sitri what I wanted in the present tense and imagined it happening. This produced the feelings…how it will feel as it happens. There is a lot of lust and intensity in my request so this was easy!

-Sitri said a few things which I had a hard time hearing as there was some astral
noise around me and a storm raging outside.

-Then he nodded to me when I asked him if we had an agreement (BTW, he
always comes to me resembling the Night King from Game of Thrones but with
different eyes. Sometimes they’re purple, tonight they were green and orange.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

I made and imagined my offering for when he completes my request.

I gave him license to depart using DOM wording, and there was a bright shimmering white flash in the room and a milky trail extending away from me and into eternity.

While this was happening, there was rumbling in the room, and then…the feelings of emptiness and hunger that they always leave me with when they leave

Takeaway: by far the most powerful moment of this evocation was Sitri’s departure! The void he left behind was palpable. This put a helluva strong exclamation point on the experience. My first thoughts were that he’s off to get started on my request.

I always do a license to depart, but this was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The flash of light and the trail of white were sick!

I’ll update in a few days on the results in my journal…until then!


This sounds like a fantastic evocation of Prince Sitri and a pretty good interpretation and deepening of Winterfield’s evocation methods.



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Any updates? I am going to do this today, but during day time

Was this Full evocation or Connective evocation?

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