Evocation OF Lucifer

Is this Possible to Gaze a sigil of lucifer on laptop and to get connect with him?

any 1 tried this let me Know


Yes it is possible. I’d recommend a paper one you drew though.

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Its possible, but is it really too much effort to print out or draw the sigil?

I do both. Because I want to put work into it. But I suck at making drawings. But it turned out fine :wink:
Oh and drawing put’s intend to it

I use ink mixed with blood for my sigils. Gives them that extra oomph but you can do without, just takes longer in my experience


i have a sigil of Father Lucifer i meditate by en:chanting “Rinan Tasa Ubaraca Biasa Icar Lucifer” and also i pricked my fingure and 1 drop of blood on sigil , but i dnt know is it charged or what, i also tried to but the sigil on my pillow when i go no bed …
any idea how to charge it

May I ask where you got that version of his enn? I’ve been using “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer” The blood should charge it just fine on its own if shed with proper intent. Other than that demonic sigils gain power when used in evocation or as focal point for mantra meditation utilizing their enn

Unless of course you prefer making a new one each time.

shoild i make another sigil until i evocate lucifer ,

Totally up to you. It should be at least somewhat charged by now and further meditation/evocation/blood should only charge it further, making results faster and more obvious over time. The thing about magic is that a lot of the time we have to rely on our intuition to figure out what works best for us.


It’s possible as far as I know.

I dont use circle during evocation , i simply use sigil , enn:chating of lucifer , 1 white candle , bowl of water , 1 dairy milk choclate as an offering …and Meditation on sigil… But didnt work ,
any suggestions…
is circle is necessary for evocation ?

some times i used sigil of lucifer and few drops of blood on it and meditate but nothing ,
M i doing right or wrong?
does it takes time to evocate or need few more evocation practise ?

Lucifer is hard to get sometimes. He is busy. I don’t typically put up a circle but i always have one up around my room anyway. … but no. You don’t need a circle.

To charge a sigil hold it in your hands and focus on it. I cover the whole sigil with my blood. Raise energy and get into trance state. Push energy into the sigil and repeat his enn. Focus on him. His energy. He will hear you. He MAY not be able to come immediately but he will hear you and may come later. Or maybe for you he will come immediately. Anyway, focus on feeling around you. It’s like, (for me anyway) i shut down my mind and open my crown and 3rd eye and …ok… i expand my aura and feel. Don’t know how else to describe it. Gaze in between the lines of the sigil and repeat his enn pushing your energy into the sigil. It WILL start to fade. Watch!! You will see! It will fade completely as the lines disappear slowly until there are remnants of where the lines used to be. When that happens the sigil is open. When he comes i feel heat. Like right now! Lol! If you start sweating for no reason it’s him! Lol! He will often make you feel soooo good. Like a full body intense pleasure. If you don’t think he’s there, just talk to him anyway. Act like he IS there because he probably is and even if he is not physically there he CAN hear you. Demons have amazing hearing. So speak and sit quiet. If pictures pop into your head or thoughts its from him. Words. Its from him. Feelings. It is from him. It may feel like, oh, this is just my crazy imagination but stop thinking like that! It isn’t. That is how it is when you are just starting out especially. So don’t doubt yourself. Your doubt stops you.


Thank you @nikki. I noticed the same, good to have confirmation

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GUys Yesterday night i was chanting enn of lucifer “rinen tasa uberaca biasa icar lucifer” and during mediation on sigil i was charge it with a though … a thought in which i was inhaling white light and on exhale i was emiting white light from my mouth towarads sigil . my eyes were closed suddenly during chanting enn i felt some 1 is shaking my brain from inside and i was feeling my brain is rotating on my head: what was that any exaplinations?

Of course. Though as @KingOfHearts616 said, it is often easier to draw a sigil out on paper. Drawing the sigil encourages you to focus on the entity’s energy and can make the subsequent evocation easier. You can also begin channelling and drawing energy towards you, via the sigil, as you draw.

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The first time I called him I had absolutely nothing but my voice. Two days later he showed up and pulled me very quickly and powerfully into the astral. Remember, time does not exist and they do things differently then we do. The closer you get to an entity the more you’ll experience them all the time.