Evocation of Hindu Gods

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Of all the topics covered by EA Koetting,one system goes missing.It is puja or the evocation of Hindu Gods.Traditionally the pujas r expensive stuff…I would want to know if it was possible to use simpler evocation methods for Hindu Gods and if anyone had success with them.

Also I would like to know if anyone evoked Shiva,Vishnu and Kali…and how the experience was and also how much satisfying results did they obtain.



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However, the last chapter of Evoking Eternity pertains with Evoking Gods. I have yet to try this but I am very interested in evoking Shiva. I want to work with some lower spirits first before actually evoking a god.

You’re talking evocation of a godform, that is extremely advanced evocation. It isn’t as simple as charging a sigil and saying a few mantras until you get into a rapture and then simply speak to the deity… It requires weeks or longer of devotion, calling the entity closer, etc… I’m actually not very familiar with this but it should give you a basic idea. I know both dante and e.a. are skilled with this and would probably be willing to give you some good info if you schedule a consultation

Yea I was asking about this earlier myself, and I was posting about it in the Tantra section. The pujas are quite a bit of stuff, although I figure that might be where the adaptation can come in. However, the information on contacting Hindu deities themselves is a bit out there, and it can be hard to come by. Hindu spiritualism is also rife with a lot of charlatan activity, folks trying to make bucks on gullibility.

My suggestion, as this is what I am currently doing right now, would be to first try to open channels with a consistent meditation on Yantra with an appropriate mantra for what type of relationship you are trying to convey. I wouldn’t attempt to try to make any explicit requests yet, but would rather focus on establishing a basis for open communication. From there, as you are training skills like psychic sight, astral travel, and lucid dreaming, you might want to contact them there, and ask them how you might best be able to perform this work according to your situation.

Any comments from EA regarding this would be gr8…waiting for ur reply EA!!!

I would really like mr koetting to give a reply regarding the hindu pantheon coz its not included in his recent book he published in his website “Becoming a living God” … thnx.If any personal xperiences he wud share it wud be gr8 regarding working with hindu gods!!!


In my opinion and experience (haven’t worked the Hindu but have studied some), working any system on that scale one would want to completely emerge themselves in devotion and learning the culture from which these godforms were created, and might not hurt to understand their alternative,splinter groups and adversarial forms for wholeness.(ie Brahmanism vs. Tantric studies). I may be wrong in this theory but I have found that between the conscious and sub-conscious, belief is the bridge that shapes the information flowing from one to the other . Beliefs are better used as a tool then discarded when no longer viable, but to engage in a blazed path total emergence in that belief would help develop the subjective synthesis; just know when to let go lest ye become funda-mental.

Most hindu gods have yantras (equivalent to sigils in western magick) and mantras (equivalent to incantantions in western magick) so is not difficult to get in contact with them. Just google yantras and mantras for a specific god, I will try to contact Kali since I see her dancing in one of my dreams and was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen, that is the reason that I look for info and find about yantras and mantras.

I’ve been involved with 2 girls who both had existing, working relationships with ganesha. The first constructed alters and incorporated a lot of yoga into her work with the deity, but I’m really not sure as to the entirety of her methods. I do know that she was able to suddenly and dramatically invite quite a lot of money and business into her life though. The second girl would metitate and astrally communicate, or in times of need repeat “gaum” as a mantra, and she could get results within minutes, sometimes scary fast. I’ve tried ganesha myself, but had nothing happen whatsoever, so your mileage may vary.

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I have an attraction to Kali for some reason or another…I hope to have some successful workings with her energy in the near future.

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