Evocation of Cain: His Story

Hello all! Lately i’ve been practicing trusting my intuition and attempting to channeling spirits! Currently I’ve had some experenice with King Bael, but I decided to give Cain a try. @Micah motivated me to do this evocation based off of his own very evocation of Cain, so I wanted to see what I could get. I did a form of automative typing where I called upon him a few times and asked him to take over as I typed in my word document. This is what I got. Let me know if you sense validity and his energy through this channeling. Im still very new to all of this so advice, commentary, or constructive criticism is always appreciated. Hopefully this will be enjoyable/helpful!

Cain: I am already here. Cain is always here watching the plight of the black magician. If you knew my story, you would realize that you are just like me. I had fear, I had doubt. I gave everything I had to Jehovah, the false desert god of the east and I RECEIVED NOTHING. My brother Abel, the “true son” of Jehovah was always favored compared to me. I was just a simple man, yet in Jehovah’s eyes I was tainted. When he did not accept my offering and spit in my face? You know what I did? In my rage I struck down his favored son and spit in the weak god’s face. As I was banished to Nod, I spread the dark word of apotheosis. The gospel of godhood and darkness. Just as Jesus made his vain sacrifice on the cross for a craven god, I made a real sacrifice. I would discover the real sacrifice was not the lamb in the eyes of Jehovah, it was the murder of Abel that would prove to bring you all salvation. Be vigilant for this false god is a viper in the desert. He bided his time and now has billions in his hands. Supplying himself with ever power and fealty. The TRUE gods of old were casted out by him and we were on the defensive. But now no more. This is why we entrust people like you with the power of Godhood. Strick down all who oppose us! Most importantly you. For your divine privilege was given to you before you were born but few will claim their inheritance. The Father of the Witches such as I have helped in the shadows, but now it is the time for you to strike down your foes! Morality, Judgement, Holiness, all will be struck down by your hand. Only when you receive the baptism of fire such as I will you revel in the power of your divine will. Now go and spread this message to all who will absorb the meaning of my words.


That’s him! Beautiful message and right on point.


Yes very beautiful. I must also just say that I find the word “apotheosis” to be ultra awesome.

Thank you for this CommanderRemus.

Btw, is that a Star Trek reference, “Remus” ?


What is the "gospel of darkness?’…

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@telgega That’s a really good question actually! I honestly don’t know, that’s just what i got from my evocation. I imagine what he is referring to is the path or being a Black Magician but I’m only speculating and would have to work him further to find that out.


No actually. Haha I got the name from the ancient Roman legend of Romulus and Remus. I’m a huge fan of Roman history!


OK…question here…now rhp and Catholic things a side. If Cains story is that of the one who is breaking the illusion of a false desert god. Why is he a lord if darkness not light?

Lucifer is the bringer of light. So to speak, as he is said to bring the light of truth. If Cain is another bringer of truth why is he not a god or teacher of light?

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I’ll leave the question to @CommanderRemus to answer, but here is a short reason @telgega:

Darkness and Light are equal in power and different entities can accomplish the same task because their INTENT is aligned. EA talks about this in a chapter in Evoking Eternity. Lucifer is the bringer of light. He has shed truth on the matter(about Jehovah ). That is how he completes his intent.

Cain is a Murderer, Witch, First Satanist, Action Oriented…he fulfills his intent that way. So in a sense he IS a God even if he uses human methods.

Different spirits, same intent.


Honestly, @Micah summed that up perfectly! If I evoke him again, I’ll be sure to share and ask him in more detail about this!


This is where I laugh uncomfortably and claim that I knew all along and was just pulling your leg.

Hahahhaha! Of course Remus is about the legend of Romulus … i totally knew there was a real story and Remus / Romulus wasn’t just a Star Trek thing. Totally got you! yeah. hehehehhe



Epic fail.


This makes me remember the “book of nod”.
~I really enjoyed the story, but i didn’t liked the fact that Cain
was hunting down his childrens children, it sounded too much like demiurge.

Anyway, its an interesting story to read:


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I was really inspired by The Book of Cain. I think Michael W Ford wrote it. Epic story