Evocation of Belial [A New Way]

Depending on what you want from him, there will be two paths to take.


  1. A VERY Open Mind
  2. Theta Wave Meditation Music
  3. Belial’s Sigil
  4. A red candle.
  5. A tapestry with the pentagram facing to the East.
  6. A table with 2 chairs.
  7. A mirror. (Welcome to the void.)

Setup For Ritual

  1. Place the table and chairs properly on top of the tapestry of the pentagram facing east.

  2. Put the red candle in the center of the table.

  3. Prepare your mind… This is going to be a long trip.

  4. Place the mirror on the side with the chair you will not be sitting in. Make sure it stands on it’s own and you can see your face in the mirror.

  5. Place the Sigil of Belial under the Red Candle.

Ritual Processes

  1. Open your mind and begin playing your meditative music. You can use whatever you like from my experience Belial (or as I call him Lord Belial) likes 432 HZ frequency sounds.

  2. Light the red candle. Sit down in your chair.

  3. Stare downward into the candle and the sigil focusing inward on what you would like to achieve by evoking Belial into your life / reality. (Warning : If you are unsure, do not continue. He will throw you a wild ride.)

  4. Do not get confused by your own energy when you begin to fall into the deeper wave trance. You will know when you are in contact with Belial himself.

  5. Stare into the mirror when you begin to enter the trance, focus on the sigil of Belial staring back at you.

  6. Focus inward and close your eyes. Let the waves take over you and realax. Let the waves wash over your mind, let the fog come on. You will be ok, I promise.

  7. Count backwards 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, … You get the rest and keep doing this until you find yourself on the trance plane (or astral whatever you wanna call it. It’s your mind after all.) Each time focusing on falling downward into yourself. Do not get scared, breathe.

  8. You will enter into your meditative trance state and immediately find yourself inserted into your own Root Chakra. If you’ve done this correctly you will know the feeling and what you have done has worked.

Closing The Ritual

  1. Closing the ritual with Belial simply involves leaving your offering for him as a Goetia and not as a demon.

  2. Burn the sigil with the red candle, and blow out the red candle.

  3. Bury the ashes of the sigil by your front door or place it in a bag and put it under your pillow.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I have completed this evocation and am amazed by what I was shown. If you would like to see my personal experience, just read my “Honest” journal about Belial.


do you think this would work with other entities like Jupiter or Lucifer?


it should… i see no reason for it not to


thank you for this evocation

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This one is from a dream I had with Lucifer and Lord Belial so tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if it works for all of them. I think it was just like “Here let me help you and find a way that works for you and you stop being lazy and do it.”

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