Evocation of Azazel

Does anybody have tips and information for evoking Azazel? His sigils features etc. Thank you to everyone replying!

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His sigil. For your first time use a single black tapered (dark royal blue can be substitute) candle with a spicy incense (like cinnamon/sandalwood or even dragons blood).
Gaze into the flame and let it hypnotize you. Then gaze at his sigil, then repeat the following incantation:

Dont worry about fancy circles and stuff if anything spirits find circles insulting. Less is more. You cant mistake the presence of this guy once he shows up.


His sigil blaze posted down below, say his enn when calling him which is " Eya on ca Azazel aken ", he’s a Saturn spirit too, so use black candles to increase the presence of azazel’s manifestation draw the Saturn square which is below

Or even better place his sigil over the square calling the Saturn energy and the energy of Azazel intertwined.

He is called by many titles I normally say something like

" I summon thee Azazel
He who is the scapegoat
He who is the teacher of all that is forbidden
I conjure thee forth
Azazel also called samjaza
The leader of the the watchers of the Grigori
Come now Azazel the dark god
The old one the dark infernal one
The Saturnian Promethean figure
Of the demonic hierarchy etc etc "


i use the circle Azazel designed for me…and red candles and sandalwood incense.

sometimes i just sit at my altar with a candle and his sigil.
sometimes i just say his enn a few times.


thank you for the advice. Can anyone send me a clearer picture of his sigil?

This is my sigil I use for him i believe in keeping the same sigil.

Below is azazel’s vessel


i like that vessel




Azazel can teach you how to harness the Black Sun forces from Mimas and Saturn. These are essential stargates to Hellfire. Embrace this darkness and it will embrace you