Evocation Keys Approaches

As I’ve said in other posts, I’ve been working with the methods of evocation in Demons of Magick and have had some great results. For me, the structure helps me focus though I realize that so much of it isn’t necessary. One thing that I’ve worked on is the evocation keys. I have a decent imagination and didn’t have a problem “conjuring” the keys but it always seemed messy and that in itself was distracting. Long before the ritual itself, I used the keys to create a scene like a movie or TV show in my mind that I could recall during the ritual. Wherever possible, I used places and elements I’d actually spent time in or had experienced enough to have a good memory of them. So far it has made setting the stage with the keys much easier and I transition to calling the spirit smoothly without leaving the sense of that scene entirely. If y’all are using EA’s methods, this won’t matter a bit. If you use the keys, what’s your best approach? Just curious if there are better ways to go about it.


I really like your idea. I use that book too and am going to try your approach. Are you familiar with Lucifer and the Hidden Demons? It uses keys which are a bit more movie like, actually easier for me.


I haven’t, but I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks!

do find new ways to work with the evocation keys. because two days ago i did the ritual II from DoM for the first time. but the keys where just to hard to imagine. i like your approach i will try that. but if you got some solid knowledge please share it. because i really want to work with this system especially ritual II

I found it was mostly me getting out of my own way. My brain just kind of does it’s own thing or will start chewing on some random problem. I’m definitely not an expert in meditation but that helped. My process for this was to create two things that actually set my brain free by giving it something to focus on. I do what I described above to set an entire scene that includes the evocation keys. I work that out long before the ritual and spend some time with it adding details.

I also spend some time organizing the topic I’m speaking with the spirit about. In a sense I try to create a scene that evokes the emotional response that I want from the interaction. If I’m seeking knowledge I’d concentrate on a feeling of enlightenment etc.

The hardest part is not being too intense. This is all effortless, we are just getting out of our own way. You’ll find that as you build relationships with spirits all of this gets easier and easier.

thanks for your reply,

so you create a scene. but do you also expand that scenebarround you in the external sphere?
for example you do this ritual in a room and you expand the scene in the room?
because i think thats what the author said how it must be done. but if you dont do that and got communication than i really need to know that.
because i really really what to have the ritual II to work. i see a lot of potential in that ritual. not just i do a petition ritual and get results. no i want and need communication. thanks for your reply

I don’t have a dedicated ritual space. I like to be outside when I can. If not, I just arrange the things that I need in a quiet room. I tend to create the space in my mind. It’s imagination on one hand and a way to focus yourself on the other. I think the hard part for you is that you seem to really “need” this to work. Lust for results gets in the way like you wouldn’t believe. Be calm…try the ritual and be fully present for it.

what i meant with expand the scene in the room. is that when you imagine the evocation keys do you expand those keys outside your self in to the room. or do you just imangine them as cleary as you can. because i like your approach to think of the evocation keys well before the ritual to have a mental map. so i would like to know if you performing the ritual do you than think of the scene/mental map or do you expand that mental map out side in to room (without psyhical changing the room of course) because i’m a little confused how to do this correctly. i will add a screenshot of the DoM book

I’ve got you. I don’t expand it into the space like that. I do try to notice the keys in the room. I haven’t found it necessary to imagine the space filled with light etc. Candidly I’ve felt the presence of most spirits quite quickly and moved on.

thank you very much for clearing that up.
i now have a guide line to follow.
this will help me a lot!
thank you for taking your to respond to my questions. again thank you for your very helpful information

No worries!!! Break a leg!