Evocation/Invocation methods

Im curious to know about how others perform their evocation/invocations from how they set it up to the ending process. & for example when evoking the entity of your choice do you summon forth other entities of the four quadrants? Like Amaymon to the east, Belial south, Abaddon west, Azazal north, & Satan as the Center part which holds it all together or do y’all just call forth the entity you’re working with without any of that? Im sure alot of us are curious to find out what peoples experiences are on the subject whether new or experienced so with that said let us know

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I usually do it in a chair, at my kitchen table, in front of my computer which I will use to pull up the sigil or seal of the entity, if one exists and I am unfamiliar with them.

In the past I would do it on the floor of my bedroom, with my back against my bed, an old trunk and a cheap wooden computer tray, to hold anything like printed sigils, or candles and my phone was where I opened most sigils/seals from.

The only thing I use directions for is a banishing ritual I use from Ben Woodcroft, I otherwise ignore cardinal directions.

I rarely don’t make my own rituals up though, and when I do use rituals from books, they rarely call for them.

The chair I choose to sit at my table faces the west :woman_shrugging: It’s where my table best fits in my room, and the chair is the one on the wall side, cuz I like to be able to see the room.


Thank you for sharing. & may I ask what are your experiences with the method you use? Do you notice a difference & shift in the air when you go about doing that?

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It depends on which type of spirit I am summoning for me. For the Loa and spirits of the dead I usually get impressions of their appearance. With demons there is usually a distinct presence or one of my ears will suddenly start ringing loud enough that I can’t ignore it. For angels, I usually notice a shift in the air temperature, or I’ve recently started getting vague impressions, and bright orbs of light that flash and disappear in front of me.



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Not normally. I did when I first started, as I used the methods of demonolatry. Those borrowed things from ceremonial magick, such as the four quadrants and elements in the four + directions.

Anymore, I don’t use it. By the time my pre-ritual is completed, I can already feel those I’m going to call out to near. Why do the extra for a petition or conversation? If I’m doing a multi-deity/entity working and it happens that they work out to something like that, I may do it, if it’s something really serious.

I have done this with my latest pathworking, the Archangels of Magick, because the rituals call for it. At the end of this pathworking, I will do some of them without it. I don’t expect I’ll really need it.

I can see a potential benefit to it if the person or environment wasn’t very balanced. It may help balance the energies inside the working area for a more stable ritual. Otherwise, I think it’s mainly there for the magician - to help get them into the ritual zone and/or used to ritual itself.

These are just my opinions and there are much more knowledgeable magicians that do more ceremonial magick that may have a different opinion.

My typical setup for shadow workings looks like this.

There’s a lot you can’t see from this photo, but that’s after the ritual starts. There were no burnt offerings for this working, so my dish for that isn’t there.


I like it dark- like pitch black - only a candle to read and open the sigil. I do not like using a computer. If I need digital access I prefer my Kindle Paperwhite. Just me though.
I NEED black to stare into too. I have a fire place with a glass door, that when I turn everything off - shit starts happening in. Often I’ll see glowing eyes looking back. From there an outline forms and off we go.
Also- I try and familiarize myself with the demon before hand (I only really work w/ demons consistently) But, I try and avoid learning about anything visual - only things like their respective powers(of course) their preferences, direction, enn, etc. But I try and avoid reading anything about their appearance. I only know the ones I work with regularly by heart (Belial, Gremory)

That way I can confirm what I see afterwards and avoid the suggestive powers of my mind.

Trance work before hand


And I try and go on an empty stomach. This is all part of preparation for me

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I don’t suppose you have advice on how to evoke Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution.

Use a symbol (or several) that resonates with Nemesis. Most of the stuff for Hecate is modern, but it works because we connect to the energy behind it. I would do the same thing with Nemesis.

One thing you can do is use an existing relationship. If you have a relationship with a God/dess, you can ask them to bring the other to you, so you can be sure you have the actual Deity, instead of an imposter, if your senses aren’t developed yet.