Evocation help

In his book,Evoking Eternity EA mentions that for evocation we need to have a room with no furniture,completely empty room…I dont have one at home…neither I have access to one…we have a prayer room where there is some furniture…and is quite small…coz there arent any rooms to shift the furniture…neither we have a roof of our own…we stay rented…so can I somehow start practice evocation in my house.I would be highly obliged if experienced evocators in this forum could help me out on this.

And also would like to know what entites should I evoke first during initial training for evocation.I read the book but couldnt get an answer to this question of mine.

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It is ideal to have an empty room, but not necessary. Use the room you have for evocation.

As far as entities, pick one which resonates with you. If you’re at a loss, pick one of the suggested pathworkings from Evoking Eternity and start with the first entity on the list. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see or sense the entity at first. Follow the instructions in the book, and try to evoke often.

What about a parking garage? I work for along time in my garage as its easy just to shift the car to the street for a few hours whilst doing the ritual and then bring in back in, also the concrete floors can be drawn directly onto with chalk making laying a circle cheap and easy.

Also you have the option of going out into nature, I have done ritual in national parks and E.A. is always referencing his use of the cave. This also has the advantage of being able to really let go without worrying about house mates and neighbours hearing.

I agree with redcircles suggestion on entities. If you have access to Kingdoms of Flame you could also work with these entities, I have found them extremely easy to work with

For evocation of Paralda,is the dagger,chalice reqd?..

Lets say I am starting out new on evocation,i actually summon Paralda as my 1st evocation nd is unable to communicate will simply giving him an order to improve my mental faculties nd dismissing him suffice or do u need to actually communicate with him to fulfil the task?

Does all evocations involve scary arrival of the summoned spirit,or are there exceptions?



For your chalice, any cup will do - if you like the cup and can keep it as a dedicated ritual implement with your other supplies, this is even better. The same is true with your dagger - you could use a kitchen knife, a stick that you like (a wand); these implements are for focusing your magickal intent, they don’t have to be fancy.

As far as evoking Paralda, it would be perfectly sufficient for you to give him his task and then sufficient. What I would suggest though, would be to also have a number of questions to ask him, in addition to the task you are giving him, so you can give yourself an opportunity to “hear” what he has to say.

No, evocation does not necessarily involve scary arrival of the summoned spirit - at first, you may not notice anything at all. And in the case of Paralda, he generally doesn’t have a lot of substance regardless, so there is little to be afraid of.

I would also suggest reading this thread, as it covers this in greater detail: