Evocation For Presence of Mind [Deception]

I am always seeing posts regarding what demons / spirits can do in rituals as well as the ability they have to change your life.

However, my question reaches into a deeper concept of what you can do with magick as well as the state of your mind.

In evocation you perform your ritual / open the circle to the universe and you receive something in return for your patience and offering, my question is can you offer your mind for enlightenment to a current situation to any spirits / demons?

I understand the possibility of possession as well as wrong-doing however this is not directed at a specific person but the entire picture.

Also, if someone has already answered this for me, please feel free to link me in the right direction and delete the post. I am not looking for a specific one cause ends all answer. I’m looking for multiple insights to decide my next move. Energy work is nice and all but sometimes you need a little help.

Almost any entity that you evoke can “enlighten” you or help you get to an enlightened state of mind, just ask them, most would rather teach you than do chores for you anyways (there are exceptions). Try this, write down a list of questions that you would like answers to on your quest for personal enlightenment. Summon an entity and ask it those questions. You will walk away with answers, whether they are universal truths or subjective / personal truths, you walked away with something new to ponder over.


I agree that most spirits can help with presence of mind.

I guess I should have been direct, who would be directly associated with clairsentience energy?

Smells have always been something that guides me in the right direction, such as smell of rotting flesh in somewhere I should leave asap, or the smell of good food in the presence of trusting friends. Etc. Not sure a better way to explain it lol.

I’m not so much asking them to do the chores for me, I’m asking for a finger in the right direction. I’m sure all of them could help but it’s more so regarding my own ability with empathy and clairsentience in specific situations. I’ve been having trouble with a current one.

Okay cool, well in that case, what sort of paradigm / system do you subscribe to? Is there a specific pantheon that you prefer working with or a group of spirits that you are already using?

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Tbh with you my only experience with spirits are ones on the physical / viewable plane, I’ve never actually attempted evocation.

I have been preparing for an encounter with Paimon though. Not sure if he’d be the right person to ask but I do have a different reason for contacting him to begin with.

Just curious what direction might be the right one for something like this, in general I do associate with darker energies / negative surroundings and Ive never been 100% sure on why, I think it’s to deal with the energy overload from throughout the day.

I’m not religious, and sometimes don’t even consider myself spiritual, I just practice energy manipulation and psionics as well as astral projection and remote viewing a lot. Usually end up doing it by accident to having a very over-active mind. Prolly why this sounds like rambling to me lol.

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Well if you’ve been interested in King Paimon, that’s definitely the dude for the job (as far as Goetics go), that guy will get yo mind right! Seriously, call him up and you will know exactly what to do next. Don’t forget to address him as “King” Paimon though (until you get to know him), he likes his title, and he well deserves it.

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From what I’ve read I was told not to acknowledge him / her as a archetype of gender as well as anything other than “King”, some things I’ve read said not to even say Paimon except in the evocation. So I’ve definitely learned a lot so far.

I’ve been thinking they may be the right person for the job but was curious if it was manipulation I’m looking for. That’s why it’s hard to decide lol. Thanks for the help though. I’m definitely planning on the evocation soon.