Evocation Experimentation & Praxis

I’ve had an interest for a while in the practice of the evocation of spirits to visible manifestation.

I think I’ve finally got a grasp on the elementary principles of Evocation.

I got a plan worked out. I’m going to spend the upcoming days practicing gnostic trance and using Constantino’s astral sense exercises. I’ll probably start with the latter as I imagine that the former will come alongside the other.


I have the mastering evocation program. Time to use it.

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Going to be buying some tools soon. It depends if i can get enough Christmas $.

In unfortunate news the area I liked for the potential of rituals I had found is having construction done but thankfully another large clearing is also closer to my apartment though not as isolated as I like…

I feel i’m getting close to experiencing success. I’m working towards Subjective Synthesis by doing the recommended exercise…

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