Evocation experiment

The evocations I saw. @itsnathanm7 I’m not posting your because we already talked about it privately.

The 2nd one I saw:

It’s was a completely dark place with two lite candles either pale pink or white.

Pale pink flower petals
A star
Picking up on something else
Either a picture or another sigil it’s paper.

There’s something about letting go of the past and moving forward.
New days ahead.

Pale pink is the Dominant color here.


The 3rd evocation I saw

I was in and out of sleep so I remember it in peices.

Bright white. Like a white room
Orange and pink colors
A flower in star pattern.

A lot of talking it seemed loud or my senses were working over time.

Some type of agreement.
A bond
The flower in star shape kept flashing in my vision.