Evocation Circle

Hi all, just wondering what kinds of circle you all use?
Ive heard of people using just plain circles as a single line chalked on the floor, as well as people creating astral circles with the power of imagination.
I saw a video of EA with the circle he uses as black fabric, a simple circle in red with Aramaich (sp?) Around the inside perimeter.
Would be very interested to hear what you all use during your own evocations, as well as your personal opinions about employing the circle.
My thanks to you all, Callum.

A circle isn’t necessary for most forms of evocation/magick. Just get to it. Start causing change in your reality.

Really? I always thought a circle was necessary to protect one from being harmed by whoever is evoked.

The circle is a helpful psychological construct for singling out the space for your working and consecrating it as a place of power but as a protective measure it’s not effective aside from telling yourself that nothing can harm you. This is helpful for those that stick with dualistic paradigms in which some spirits you call would seek to harm you but this is ultimately a fallacy in most cases.

Spiritual beings (demons included) really don’t go looking for people to destroy or fuck over unless provoked in some way. As the operator in the ritual you assume control from the very beginning much like a skype conversation. You meet them on equal footing and can end the dialogue at any point in time so the idea of protection is really unnecessary as you are taking on the role of one all powerful being speaking to another.

The way I usually explain this to people when they debate this with me is if they draw a circle on the ground is it going to keep me or anyone else from punching them in the face? When they answer no then I ask them what makes them think it would stop an omnipotent being in that case.

You’re absolutely right Kitari. I’ve heard many people say that as long as the practitioner is in the circle he can’t be hurt from the entity he called. My answer is usually what you said and I also say that even if we accept that a circle can protect you from an omnipotent being you can’t live forever in a circle.

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Nereid your added commentary made me visualize someone adding a toilet and a mini fridge inside their circle just to try to prove me wrong if I brought up that one bit of logic. I have friends that are like that. lol

I always use a circle for various reasons, but the circle I use is a demonic circle of pacts possessed by the four gatekeepers. The physical circle does nothing except provide base on which to draw an energetic circle and that energetic circle is what puts a bit of space between you and the entity. Later on you will be sealing off the circle by creating an energetic bubble and using that to trap entities or energies… As a beginner magician I definitely recommend you use the circle

I generally use a Goetia circle; then again my background is ceremonial magic so it’s the circle I’m used to.

Echoing Necromaster I’ve found it’s easier for people starting out with evocation to use the circle and triangle until they’ve reached a fair amount of proficiency. Truth be told I still use them myself.

I use a demonic circle of pacts and visualize my astral circle over the top of it. Like Necromaster describes. To take this concept a bit further, wrap yourself in an astral/energetic sphere, a circle that you can take with you. Leave that circle around your body when you astral travel to ward off parasites. Also when it comes to protecting yourself from the Demons that you are summoning, just try not to offend them or work with opposite powers too often. If you start fucking over spirits, you better know what you are doing, or they will find a way to fuck you up!

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