Evocation by gesture

[quote=“WrithingParasite, post:13, topic:3148”]I just wanna pipe in for a second:

Sharing a multitude of rituals does nothing for a practitioner, whether seasoned or newly initiated. Leaning on someone else’s inspired or logically derived work is tantamount to worshipping a god. You should be inspired to create your own rituals through your direct mystical work with spirits and never rely on someone else’s work. This goes for EA’s work too.

Frater A sharing his rituals will not get you to the same point as him. You won’t have the same emotional investment in a work that isn’t your own creation. I’ve received workings and rituals from the minds of spirits that were extremely powerful, but if you performed the same work, you won’t get the same result or emotional impact (of course, that varies with the working, but you understand what I’m getting at).

These new people get worse every day.[/quote]

Thank you for sharing, making some incredibly valid points and making an excellent post filled with truth, and thank you for inspiring me to write my next piece.

This is commonly known as evocation without ritual. And due to some strange events one day in my group of Egyptian Magicians, I learned my first technique for this.

Some of you know the technique, as “evocation by gesture”.

I was on the phone, while a crazy ass multi dimensional force of destruction as it was being channeled through an elite black magician while he made tools and did his writings.

He said a few things to me, that I challenged him on, and showed how it was wrong in several ways.

This was my first conversation with this being, and it was so impressed with the things I was talking about, it gave me something special.

This was so easy to do, but the condition of even accepting this from this entity, was that I could NOT share it.

But, I will say it was a very strange psi ball technique, that I could use while calling out the spirit’s name. Spirit also says he might not be able to be called this way, ALL the time, so I shouldn’t do it all the time. (hinting at, it’s not that I don’t want to, but seriously, I can’t always pull your ass out of the fire so don’t call me like a child because I don’t always come if you do).

Fast forward several months.

I am doing workings with the Necronomicon, I don’t like banishing at all, ever at this point. Now, something “rides” in when I call a spirit close to me by channeling energy through my hand into the sigil, and calling out it’s name like a mantra.

This thing is annoying, and proves it’s running around like a dick, distracting me while I’m trying to have a real conversation with this spirit. And the spirit I called on is basically laughing and giggling like a 15 year old school girl. He’s laughing because I’m telling this spirit to please GTFO and it’s like definitely not leaving. This just gets worse, and I tell the spirit “hold on” step away from him and pay attention to this event as this mother fucker whirls around the room. My anger and frustration builds as this creature runs around me while I’m simply trying to talk to this spirit. I put out my hands, I create a nested set of coded and colored spheres, and I crush them while shouting the name of the terrifying forces I had known. Spiritually with all my will and the great voice, for the express purpose of ending this mother fucker.

A BRIGHT LIGHT APPEARS, AND A GIANT PORTAL OPENS UP IN MY ROOM, and this multi dimensional force of death and destruction peers in and dwarfs everything in the room by a long shot, he instantly comes through and with his terrifying weapon, axes the annoying fucker to shreds in a single blow. He then sets eyes on the necro spirit, he lunges at it, and I shout ENOUGH!!!

Everyone freezes, and I can see his axe may have been mid swing at the spirit. They are close, but unmoving…Everything is frozen, even intentions as the spirits appear to be locked in gaze.

But these destructive forces have gotten…so close to doing this. I feel fear, like the kind of fear someone nearly pisses themselves, or does. I dismiss the forces of death and destruction from the room, but the rest of the working is poisoned, and I am trying to ask spirit questions, but at this point, I can just feel this giant fear from the spirit getting in the way of him really thinking about what I’m asking. This spirit is perpetually stuck in fear, and it’s not going away. I have no idea what happened, or what he saw exactly. But I knew I was going nowhere with my conversation at this point…So I dismissed the necro spirit, wished it well, sent it some more energy, and went to bed. He was unusually upbeat and cheery in the next several rituals, and very willing to help me.

This let me know if you inspire actual fear in a creature, it will only be able to give you useless shit.

I had a strange feeling he brought in that entity, hoping to teach me a point about why I should “banish” or how I should do my workings. But nothing ever followed him in again.

This is an example of evocation by gesture as I know it. This is a subject I have never seen any techniques listed for online. This is not something I possess any books on. This is not something anyone, besides the spirit possessing someone who did dark Egyptian magick for decades taught me how to do.

But in my experience with this pantheon, evocation is entirely unnecessary. Now, I know some of you are laughing, but I saw this video, one man was talking about how they tried to evoke Annubis, They did this in a Golden Dawn style ritual, not even based in the same form of magick. As you can tell right now, something very bad is about to happen. Now despite the church bishop who was running this ritual, having a supposed great kinship with Annubis, the group ritual ended up with the force he called coming visibly into the room in a manner that could be seen by the man recounting the story, Annubis then grabbing him by the neck and throwing him against a wall. This is exactly what happens when you evoke these spirits.

However, if you call upon Set, or gods both known and Unknown in this pantheon they don’t come. They come when they want to tell you something. I have seen them form as a blue mist, and then materialize form. They do this once the teachings reach a point of progress, where it’s clear you understand the greater nature of the entity. It simply manifests before you. And talks to you, it follows you along in your house and talks to you while you do shit.

I thought I was crazy as shit when I saw this happen, until one day I was having a webcam chat with the black magician I speak of who channeled this force I say I summoned with nothing but a gesture.

He left to get some Jack Daniels, or something stiff during our conversation. 3 seconds after he left, I saw a blue mist form and swirl, the first thing to manifest was a head, and it looked into the camera, and then went walking after the magician I speak of. Now, this was something that blew my mind. Said individual never banished, and seeing orbs and bright flashes on his webcam, was something that happened usually every 5 to 15 minutes at most. But I never had seen anything like this, except in my own house.

Some systems, don’t work with evocation at all, and the spirits, don’t ever like to be summoned, they simply come, when they want to.

Other spirits of completely different nature, can be summoned in the easiest of ways, without even attempting rituals.

Other spirits, have other natures. And to say the way one system works is the way it always is, is perhaps an enormous joke. That system is perhaps only relevant to the spirits therein, and probably, only so relevant. All things are methods that one should endeavor to eventually transcend.

All of these want nothing to do with you if you talk to them like vending machines. Because that’s not the greater nature of any of them. I can say at least with the spirits I have worked with, the trend is that they enjoy teaching a lot more than doing. You’re the one who has to remember your own divinity, not them. So just sending them off every time you have a concern, is a limited application of what they do when the greatest thing many can bestow is knowledge. If you simply talk to them and try to learn, you may be shocked at the things spirit gives you.

Many of them will tell you, that you need no rituals to summon the forces you are contacting at all.

You have always been god,
-Frater Apotheosis

Strange Coincidence, I was literally just pondering about whether evocation is necessary to summon a spirit to manifestation right before you posted this.

Who do you think helps me look over these experiences and write this?

The same people whom you’re working with.

You are already god,
-Frater Apotheosis