Evocation Book Recommendations?

A week ago I ordered a copy of Evoking Eternity on a local book website. I just received an email saying the book is unavailable and I have been refunded. Boo :frowning:

Are there any books on Evocation (Goetic Evocation if possible, but not restricted to this) that anyone here would consider a must-read?

Appreciate anything anybody has to offer :slight_smile: I do prefer physical copies if I can get my hands on them…nothing like turning all the lights and computers off and just reading good old-fashioned printed words.


“Summoning Spirits” by Konstantinos is a good one. It takes the Golden Dawn style approach to evocation and it covers pretty much everything you need to know to summon a spirit.


I have a copy of this one on my own shelf as well. I thought the training exercises were okay, and it gives excellent step by steps for banishings and the middle pillar ritual. Overall a very good book for beginning evocation. One note, though; the author was fairly adamant throughout the entire book about not working with Goetic spirits or demonic entities, so you will not find that in there. Most of the techniques, however, cross over just fine into Goetic-style evocation, so this is a great primer for use with other books on the subject, like Lemegeton or Daemonolatry Goetia.


Study the Goetic entity you wish to contact. I made a set of chanting beads out of drilled-through stones which I threaded with black, pure silk ribbon. I also used two larger divider beads and the largest bead at the top (so to speak). You can use this to chant the names of spiritual entities, etc. Seems to help to get you their attention; the chanting any time you get a chance. I’d do this for some days, at least.

I wouldn’t draw a circle, but I would use a triangle, charcoal block, quality incense, an offering and their Seal inside the triangle. I’d banish first, then evoke. I’d offer my deal(s) for what I want. I’d thank and ask the spirit to leave and fulfil my will (with whatever conditions attached).

You’ll get a lot more out of your rituals the more energy, enthusiasm and belief you can bring to your workings, by reducing what you want and are prepared to give to unambiguous written form, reading from (then maybe burning or eating) but definitely recording same in your Magickal Dairy.

After the ritual, clap your hands, laugh at what a bloody idiot you are to have believed in Magick and Goetic entities. Laugh at yourself, even if it’s forced to begin with. By self-consciously putting yourself down you’re building an unpleasantness that with practice can help you to stop lusting for result. This helps disassociate your Magick consciousness from your pedestrian consciousness.

Wash your face, have a drink of something, relax.



Could anyone help me understand the difference between The Lemegeton and Crowleys Lesser Key of Solomon/Book of the Goetia?

Yeah, Crowley’s version had an Introduction that still causes a lot of problems. What he said was true, up to a point…old bastard.



For all intents and purposes they are one in the same, as far as I know. The “original” manuscript has never been published; it is locked away in a vault somewhere in Europe. The popularized version we know was edited by Crowley and Mathers in the later 1800’s, and dozens of similar editions have followed.

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