Evocation Attempts of Lucifer (Something is wrong?)

Hello friends!

I registered here recently. Read a lot of topics and have a lot of questions. What I read and hear, Lucifer is the best entity, for my questions and communication. My religious background is Muslim and Christian. So part of my questions about religion, the other part about my past and present.

4 days ago, I decided to summon him, however, I never summoned any entity, even did not meditate in past.

The first day, I lighted up a candle and meditated(for sure tried to meditate). I felt slight energy and that was all.

The second day, I lighted up a candle and offered him sweet food. Sit and repeat his enn. I felt slight energy…

On the third day, I repeated all of the previous actions + listened to some binaural beats. He gave me a sign with flames.

But today, I lighted up a candle, meditated, and repeated his enn over and over again. Listened to binaural beats, but at some point, the flames of the candle broke the glass, where I put the candle, and flames lost stability.

I want to hear him, see him. But can not be in a trance state or open my third eye.

Can someone tell me what’s going on?

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There is nothing wrong here. You just have to do more. It was not him that did not show, it was just your senses that are not developed. To see any spirit, to hear them… It may take years of practice. Meditation, chaneling energy, etc. As you have to work out to build muscles, you have to work out to open your third eye.


Do you mean I could not evoke him?

I felt strange euphoria, saw a shadow on the wall. Is it my imagination?

@M.Patrick That’s not what was said. To paraphrase it…

You can evoke but when you do so without having the ability to see and hear spirits they come and you can’t necessarily tell they’re there.

In your case you felt a change so the spirit came (you succeeded in your evocation) but by not having the ability to see or hear it you weren’t able to interact t with it even though it came.

The fact you felt the energy change is proof you succeeded in your attempt while the fact you weren’t sure what happened means you just need to keep working on developing the ability to see and hear spirits.

Does that help explain what was said above any better?

Add: just keep working on trying to communicate with spirits and keep on trying to evoke (and invoke if you want to try that sometime). Then when you feel the change talk to the spirit as if it’s there because it is . Tell it what you evoked it for while admitting you still can’t see or hear it to it. Then end the evocation.

In other words when you feel the change continue as if the spirit is there say what you called it for and end the evocation all as if it came even if you can’t see or hear it or only notice a shadow.

Telling if the right spirit came is a different question that needs Clair’s but act as if it came when you feel the change ask it to do whatever you called it for dismiss it as per the ritual you are doing and then wait and see if it does what you asked by forgetting the ritual for bit. Live your life go to work play a video game have sex whatever gets your mind off the magickyou did.


Thank you @Kish and @DarkLady for your answers. I will work more :slight_smile: