Evocating King Paimon help

Me again, today after many hours of researching I tried to summon King Paimon. I drew his sigil and chanted his enn for 15 minutes. I somehow felt different than before but no sign of him. Am I doing something wrong; should I do something else. Thanks

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Make sure to open your astral senses. If you haven’t done that already, your astral senses can be opened through meditation mainly. Meditate daily for 10 minutes.

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what do I do when meditating and how to do it

Just search the forum. This question has already been answered many times.
Use keywords like “Astral Senses” and/or “Meditation”.

Make sure you are grounded.
King Paimon’s energy is very subtile.
Especially in the beginning.
Also offers are crucial for him, offers of sweets like cookies, ginger bread, banana, oranges, tea, water, incense like patchoulli or sandalwood.


what is i dont have incense

It were examples for offers i gave

You don’t need offerings. They are nice and all, but they are never mandatory. You do not need them to have a spirit work for you. I never give offerings except in rare circumstances.

Personally, I think beginners worry way too much about appropriate offerings when it is completely unnecessary. Offerings are a religious practice and not required for ceremonial magick.

King Paimon is very understanding with beginners, and he won’t hold it against you if you don’t have an offering.


Very weird, he demanded offers from me in the beginning.
maybe it differs from practitioner to practitioner

EA never talks about giving offerings to the demons in his work. Neither do books on the Golden Dawn system, like Konstantinos’ Summoning Spirits. In fact, in my experience, the only books where offerings are mentioned are those by demonolators, like S. Connolly, who approach demons in a religious way.

I’ve never had a spirit ask for offerings in order to work for me. I’ve had them casually ask me to give them a gift though. After I evoked Lilith she asked me for some red wine “the next time,” and when I was drinking cider I got a nudge from Belial saying,“That looks good. Give me some.”

So…I don’t know :man_shrugging:


Be suspect of that Marticus, demanded offerings from the start doesn’t sound like the King Paimon I know. Random spirits who come in masquerading as a Deity such as King Paimon WILL and do make demands.
I have worked with spirits of the dead for many years, so I’m familiar with how some of them can operate to snag themselves a nice treat or two…it happens all the time. Spirits of the dead will masquerade as Orishas, they will do the same for demons , etc…
We all have to learn to discern between spirits.
There’s a brilliant post of a signal someone posted on the forum that guards against imposter spirits when doing evocations.


I found it @Micah created and posted The Seal of Manifestation: I’ve used this and it does work well. Here’s the link: The Seal of Manifestation


The imposter thing is possible.
The results i have from working with him were pretty good and typical ‘Paimonesque’ so to speak.
Maybe it was some kind of test or i understood 'demanding’instead of ‘would be nice’
anyway that was just my expierience … dont have to take me for granted :slight_smile:

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Thank you.
Looks interesting!

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I did give the mighty king an offering once when I evoked him…but I was dating one of his wives at the time and wanted to make a good impression :blush:


I always like to give something.
i find it abit unmannered to not do it but that’s a personal thing
Nothing fancy or such but some smoke, water or so isnt that big of a deal .

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Yeah, I have no problem with offerings, the only problem I have is when people start proclaiming that you have to make offerings in order to be successful at evoking demons and getting results and that is just not true at all.

I find the statement someone made in another thread about the majority of magicians making offerings to be absolutely false. Whether offerings are made or not is heavily dependent on the system one is working within, and in most ceremonial magick systems, offerings are not required.


yeah i got you.
Azazel learned me that whatever it is you offer, do it with your heart and out of love and not just to expect something
Probably cause at that point of my path i thought it was necessary to offer blood to daemons.

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Marticus u are right except for the incense party.
King Paimon is ranked King and consequently solar incenses are appropriate such as Musk
For offerings, Take Note that King Paimon is a king and as such should be the offerings, make them feel Royal. And don’t forget, use your heart.

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