Evil word

i know this is is may be a silly post but after what happened to me and after an experience witch i had with a wigi board i believe that this could be true:
when i was 9 years old i always had perfect scores at school especially in math, one day a friend of mine told a word (Hebrew magic according to him) and if i say it 100 times i will loose my perfect scores, i told him that there is no such thing as magic and dared him and started saying the word, i dont remember reaching 100 times but somehow the word kept repeating in my head as if my will turned against me, after that i actually have no more perfect scores, still have good scores but not perfect, even after that i still rejected the idea and forgot the hole story.
now when i remember the whole thing and how my life changed for the worse from that time i really regret saying that word and i wish that i can fix this.
now i forgot that word and i dont want to remember it also i lost touch with my friend.
i am asking if someone knows such thing please tell if there is an antiword (if i may say that) to cancel or reverse its effect.
and please dont write that evil word so no one will read it not me nor any one, just the antiword

Try repeating the name of the Archangel Michael - his name is said to mean “Who is like God” and he’s known to derfeat evil. Also, his name is used as a binding symbol in a traditional “triangle of the art” for demonic evoication, while I’ve had considerable success using the name of the Archangel Rapheal in healing, so the names of these beings, spoken with intent and power, has an effect of its own.

Bear in mind ancient magicians used Michael’s name alone to constrain demons who they were antagonistic towards, and who they believed were extremely dangerous!

As you do it, try to see yourself as gods or angels see us - beings of infinite potential, who should not be blocked by some damned word that affects us in any way.

That word only had power because you believed it did. You say you didn’t believe but if that were true, you would have simply forgetten about it right then and there and never felt any after affects from using it. So do the opposite, convince yourself that word was only a trick of the mind and use your thought power to reverse the affects. It’s much harder than it sounds though so it will probably take several tries but repetition is the only thing that will force you to believe the word has no power over you anymore.

I agree with this, however nine is an age when ideas can get planted pretty damned deeply (which is probably how those of us who started magick young have fewer problems and worries about what’s “real”) so that’s why I proposed addressing it on its own level, so to speak, at least to begin with.

When I was young I believed for various reasons that certain songs were bad and unlucky and they used to affect me because of it, until I figured out other songs hade the opposite effect and would hum a few bars of them to “banish” the bad song.

The effect both ways was real, because I believed in it so strongly, and it was years before I decided to end this crap, went out and bought the album that had the “bad” stuff on, and played it non-stop, singing along.

Crazy? Yeah, but that belief went deep so it was probably as “real” to me as an A.O. Spare-style sigil that’s powered by the subconscious.

(And I’m still convinced the “good” songs have power, I’ve used them magickally a few times… )

Some songs have a dramatic affect on my mood, my thoughts. They move me as if placing a subliminal message in my mind but one of mutual understanding for what the band is trying to convey, not a message of control.

with such words, I have learnt from experience that the effect can be counteract-ed by saying thte word backward; But since you have forgotten it, and would not even want to read it again, maybe you should follow Lady Eva’s advice.
Somehow i think that child really knew what he was doinbg and wanted to produce exactly what has happened to you.This reminds me of a teenage boy here asking us all to say ‘pownich’ claiming that Azael gave him the word and he wanted to see what happened. There is a great danger of saying words and mantras we do not know about.