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Ok so… I was wondering has anybody sold there soul on here? Not that im going to anytime soon hahaha seriously though is it just a myth that you can sell it to satan and if you do can you get it back?
Are there other dieties that offer unlimited wealth and fame and do you even have to come to terms with joining a hellish army after death.


One of my relatives did, full thread:


I believe after one has made the contract that the soul is lost or darkened in the ensuing ritual’s where innocence is defiled and lives taken.

Also the origin of “given over to a reprobate mind” may well be a entity which attaches itself to the perp as a curse or punishment, certain acts could leave one open to a particular energy which certain 4th dimensional beings gain access through the low vibrational frequency.

I’ve watched many interview’s with serial killers who say that when they lost their temper, they would blank out, something would takeover and when they came to, a body would be in front of them.


Wow very dark so basically you become what or who you sold it to. I thought it was all hollywood.

My thoughts on the subject is that when you sold your soul to someone that is the closest you can come to the entity in every life you have from then on you will somehow find your way back and be devoted


A pattern. Every life goes back to the entity. But what about spirits thats “assigned” to us since birth. Omg reincarnation lol

If you read the Zohar, Jews aspire to attain the souls of their ancestors especially the Biblical greats, the author of the Zohar is said to have attainted Moses soul through his spiritual work.

Not many people know what I just said apart from Jews so this should blow a whole avenue open for any magicians here, considering the implications.


Mine? No.

But I’m buying, if anyone is interested in the “employee benefits”.

Some entities may let you buy it back, such as myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, because nothing is unlimited. They can offer excesses, though.

Besides, joining an infernal army isn’t that bad, just look at the health coverage!


Wait you can sell to another human?

You can buy, or sell, to anything with one.

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Life is one massive fucking exchange.


Exactly, now you are peeking behind the veil.

All my experiences , research , gained knowledge and insight’s so far lead’s me to the conclusion, just like we feed on lower life forms like plants and animal’s, we thus feed higher dimensional being’s who may indeed be as malevolent, benevolent as humans are to animal’s.

That is why I want out of here or at least pass the fourth dimension, where beings feed on the luminous etheric energy we give off and feed their worlds, I want to not have to sustain myself at the cost of another life form but if I have to and such is the law of the universe, feeding on those who have been feeding on us would be preferable to me, a god killer per say.

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That’s why the Eastern traditions are dedicated to defeating Samsara, the demon of cycle’s.

Left hand path or right, we all seek to end Samsaras reign.

Cool song and music vid on the subject.

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