Everything's in reverse

I have no idea where this topic would go.

To sum up the situation: my “chakra wheels” actually spin in reverse. This has been confirmed multiple times.

If you bless me, all bad luck hell is gonna break loose. It’s so I don’t even want you to bless me if I sneeze, and most people don’t even mean that blessing anymore. For a while there I denied having a birthday as that is ALWAYS the worst day of the year for me.

If I do magic for myself, I’m learning, I’m going to get opposite effects as well. This has been consistent for years. But last night I did a simple “prayer” (for lack of better words) to ask for help with a bill and woke up this morning to my last client firing me - leaving me with no income except for book sales through the publishing venture. (That would be a few pennies a year.) Sold one book. $1.00 chaching. Lost my last client. $hundreds klunk-ching.

Okay situation summed up. Moving on.

Spell-wise my magic always works stronger if I do it WITH someone. I’ve just always needed a connection. I didn’t one day decide I needed it, BTW. I just noticed over the years what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve been randomly approached by the Archangel Michael (who told me he was on my side, whatever that means), the Baphomet, Bast, random personages I didn’t recognize, Ganesh, etc. I just get visited a lot. Nothing much comes of them usually, except for the visit from Ganesh. He enhanced my autoharp playing, for which I’m very grateful to the point that I actually dedicated a theater stage paint job to him the other day. (The others thought I was kidding. Har.)

But I will always wonder who that golden angel was as that had the largest impact.

So after this morning’s slam back into the mud I just can’t get what I’m doing wrong. Clearly I need to approach things differently than most people. I thought that was whacked, but I did an experiment on the matter. I thought if hexes only help people (and they seem to) then what if I bless people? So I blessed our play director. He fell immediately ill and practice was cancelled and he had to get his second to help one day.

Didn’t mean to make him ill, to be honest. I’d blessed him with good health! And it wasn’t even a serious “candle lit” thing. It was a mild thought “I’m gonna do this” - which that way of approach also seems to work better for me than going through an entire complicated ritual with an altar.

So… what gives? Surely being in reverse like this can’t be too uncommon. For the record I’ve even tested as “reverse psychic” - which means no one has figured out how to teach folks like me to fly. They just give up instead, but we’re out there.

Thoughts. Serious advice. Information… Similar stories from others who suffer being an opposite?


Ok. What spin direction is considered reverse?


I read somewhere that when your chakra flows counter clockwise or emphasizes mental level your more likely to develop psychic abilities and powers that makes one’s magic stronger but it can be a problem if you don’t understand how to handle it
You might experience things that you don’t understand and can get you in trouble sometimes.
I believe that you can reverse your chakra flow by cleansing and removing blockages balance the mental and emotional.


An energy worker or yourself can stop your chakra spin and get it flowing again. In the correct direction.


Who cares what direction they are spinning? I have been working with mine and I only go by color and most of all feeling.

You need to ignore other people’s opinions. Develop your own sense of your own chakras.

I honestly don’t care about others thoughts about me.

Dude, it sounds like you need to learn how to set up shields, cut cords, and call in your own animal guardians. Maybe ground your energy too. I can give you an entire videos to get you getting. If you want me to on your thread.


Same here. My chakras are spinning counter clock wise naturally and never had an issue. The problem was at the beginning when some of my chakras were spinning clock wise, some counter clock wise and were completely out of sync. I don’t think there is a “correct direction” to spin them, just make sure there’s no underactive or overactive chakra because that will cause problems to the rest of them.


If your offer is open to anyone else, I’d be very interested in that video. I’ve only recently started working on my chakras. Any information or help would definitely be appreciated.


I am currently working on my own thread about it.


I did notice that, very good. Thank you


You aren’t the only person. So I thought I create my own thread about it to keep your thread non-cluttered.


So, if everything happens in the reverse, just curse yourself with poverty. Boom, problem solved.

Have you tried that before?

Slava Bogum


I would not go this direction. Anyway, this is all very basic knowledge being misused which causes misfortune. Im going to bet some people read the JoS site and did energy work such as chakra spinning without actually knowing what the consequences of that action was.

Its no different than a newbie who messes with the core of a computer system such as changing drivers and other things around.

  • know what clockwise spin means.
  • know what counter clockwise does.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I think you all gave me a clue on what to tackle next in my learning. I haven’t replied earlier because I’m sick again but I’m getting there.


Now that I’m feeling better, I’d like to start out with the chakras themselves. Shielding et. al. either… would prefer to do one tidbit of information at a time. I can find stuff about the chakras and the Tree of Life, and that’s pretty good stuff that I’ve looked into numerous times before. But I’ve never come across anything that touched on the spinning of each wheel. So does anyone have a starting point on that in specific for me? I mean, beyond pointing me to a very long thread that would be full of great information but I worry life would keep me from getting too deeply into.